7 Best Vacation Cities for Bikers: Where to Travel With your Bamboo Bike

If you have a passion for travel and also have a love for cycling, have you ever considered combining the two for an incredible journey on two wheels?

Whether it’s a passing thought to consider or a very real plan, reading about your options can be an exciting experience. Who knows, perhaps it’ll inspire you to take your own journey across the globe with your bike?

Let’s take a look at some of the best vacation cities for bikers and why they’re such a hit with the cycling community.


1.  Copenhagen, Denmark

The city of Copenhagen has consistently invested in cycling as a main method of transport, promoting the benefits of cycling and encouraging both resident and tourists to commute and explore by bike.

The result has been the construction of several dedicated cycling bridges – as well as the Cykelslangen (which literally translates to ‘bike snake’), which is an elevated bike ramp to improve routes for cyclists around the city’s harbour.

With many sights to see and attractions to explore, visiting Copenhagen with your bike is more than ideal.



2. Nantes, France

Nantes is a diverse city in terms of both infrastructure and local services, leading to several clearly outlined cycle tracks designed to make getting around by bike even easier.

Aside from the city, tourists and cycling enthusiasts alike can enjoy a trip along the famous Nantes-Brest canal, which starts in Nantes from a lock off the Loire. It’s a beautiful route for taking in some riverside greenery as you pass through the French countryside.


3. Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp has been hailed as the best place in Belgium for cyclists, with influences from its neighbouring Netherlands and close by Scandinavia – the countries of which are very positive towards cycling culture.

You’ll see plenty of bike parking facilities around the city and even a well-used bike share system if you don’t have one of your own.

Part of this movement is Antwerp’s dedication to making the city a little greener, so you’re also helping to support environmental change by choosing to cycle.


4. Seville, Spain

If it’s the warmth of the Mediterranean you’re looking for, Spain might be the right location for you. More specifically, consider a trip to Seville – a city that’s been called the ‘cycling capital of Southern Europe’ due to its network of segregated bike routes that ensure the safety of cyclists on the roads as well as clearer directions for those travelling by bike.

As Seville is home to a number of landmarks, parks, attractions and other tourist favourites, you’ll have plenty to do – so make the decision to cycle between them for ease of access as well as being able to enjoy your time outside in the Spanish sunshine.


5. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cycling is a popular mode of transportation in Buenos Aires. In fact, the local government’s ‘EcoBici’ scheme offers free use of a bike for up to one hour to help with the demand for easy transportation by bike.

Even better, take your own to gain unlimited access to the roads of this diverse city, taking advantage of the 130km plus bike lanes it has to offer.

Stop and start as you please while exploring Buenos Aires’ sights, attractions, cafes, parks and beaches as you take in the warm South American weather.


6. Banff, Canada

A visit to Banff is a real treat for cyclists, providing almost 120 miles of uninterrupted mountain bike trails that meander through the Banff National Park.

You’ll get to take in plenty of alpine nature views including the peaks, glaciers and lakes – in addition to the scenic town itself.

The area is so popular with bikers that many hotels offer on-site bike tune-ups to ensure you’re good to go before exploring.

When you’re done in town, you can also follow the scenic road to Lake Louise, featuring climbs of up to 7,000 feet.


 7. Singapore, Republic of Singapore

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After taking a closer look at these awesome destinations for travelling cyclists, we hope you’re feeling inspired to take your own bike on an epic journey.


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