Build Your Own Bike Kit Bike Assembly Steps: Part Three

So, you’re almost done with building your BIY bamboo bicycle – soon you’ll be out on the roads enjoying the outcome of all your hard work. Well done!

You’ve now reached Part Three of our Build Your Own Bike Kit Assembly Steps series. This is where you’ll be putting the final touches to your Bamboobee bike.

In our previous parts, we outlined how to arrange your equipment, put together your bamboo bike frame and add on all the important parts that transform it from a frame to a fully functional bike.

And while your bike should already be ready to go, the final step is to consider which – if any – accessories you’d like to add to your bike.


What kinds of accessories or add-ons should I consider for my Bamboobee bike?

If you’re thinking of featuring any accessories on your bike, you’ll have plenty to choose from! What you choose could be anything, from fun, fancy and just for show to practical pieces that will get plenty of good use on your journeys.

Here are some ideas you might want to try!


Upgraded Handlebars and Saddles

It’s easy to switch out your handlebars or saddle to give your bike a whole new look – and your reasons for doing so may vary.

  • You could replace them with bright, fun colours to give your bike a happy, quirky theme.
  • Replacing older, worn down handlebars or a saddle will help to make an older bike look newer and more refreshed.
  • Upgrading to better quality parts or a different material will ensure you’re more comfortable during your ride, especially when holding the handlebars for longer periods on long bike journeys.


Unique Fenders

Bamboobee Mandy Fender

A fender is something that’s practical, but can also make a big difference to the overall look of your bicycle. They come in a range of different colours and styles to keep your bike clean and protected while also looking cool.


Practical Carry Crates or Baskets

If you’re regularly carrying a lot of items – whether it’s your school books, work files and folders or even your groceries, finding an easy way to carry them is essential.

After all, you may find it uncomfortable and restricting to have a heavy weight on your back or shoulder while riding.

With a good basket, crate or saddle bag, you won’t have to worry. Plus, you can use it as another way to customize your bike by choosing a style, material and color you love.


Reflective Accessories and Lights

Reflectors are essential for your safety while biking at night, but they can look great on your bike too!

  • If you’re going for simplicity, you can purchase simple reflectors that just clip on to your bike.
  • To jazz things up a little more, try colourful reflectors or lights that attach to the spokes of your bike’s wheels. As you ride, they’ll create a fun, bright circle on each wheel!
  • You can also purchase LED or battery powered lights, similar to ones you’d find in a hand held torch. These can be attached to your bike to function as rear or headlights.


Electric Transformations

Bamboobee Electric Bike

If you’re looking to add a significant upgrade to your bike, try making it electric! By turning it into an electric bike, you’ll get to experience a lot more ease as well as power while cycling.


Can I buy accessories and add-ons for my bike from Bamboobee?

Yes, of course, you can! We offer a variety of bike accessories including:

  • Practical equipment such as loose hemp fibre and additional bike bottle cage bolts – you never know when you might need a few extra.
  • A classic wooden crate, which is perfect if you plan on using your bike to commute or carry items on a regular basis.
  • An electric bike kit, which gives you the opportunity to turn your bike into a fully functional electric bicycle. It consists of a special aluminium bottle which contains the battery, plus it’s easily removable to charge (charger included). You’ll also get an e-bike computer power indicator and speed meter, not dissimilar to an electric dashboard.
  • A range of cool leather accessories that will add a stylish, high-end look and feel to your bike. Your options include classic leather grips, a classic leather saddle and the classic leather saddle bag. These elegant pieces are made from soft tan leather and exude sophisticated functionality.
  • The Mandy Fenders – the most versatile and interchangeable bike fender ever designed. It can be fitted to any kind of bike, is tough and functional and will be easy to install in 30 minutes or less.


Attaching your Accessories to your Bike

Although this series is based on how to instructions, the exact instructions will, of course, vary depending on the specific accessory/accessories you’ve chosen.

If your accessory simply slots on to the bike, you can likely attach it in just a matter of seconds. If it’s a little more complicated, check in the box it came in – you’ll likely have received an instruction manual or sheet detailing the product, how it works and how to attach it securely and safely to your bike.

By following the directions as intended, you should have it ready to use in no time!


Congratulations, you’re done!

After choosing and attaching your accessories, your bike will be all set up and ready to go. We can’t wait to see which awesome add-ons you choose to buy from us at Bamboobee!

To check out the collection, head on over to!

Featured image of Bamboobee Bike Frame From David Nigro
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