Most Common Questions Asked By A New Bicycle Rider

Are you a new bicycle rider? If yes, you should stop doing everything and read this article right now! In this blog, we are answering some of the most common questions asked by a newbie to biking.

As it’s still early 2018, most of you would have taken resolutions for the coming months. If staying healthy and fit does sit on your list, one of the best ways for that to happen is to go cycling. It is not just a great form of exercise but also helps in saving the environment from pollution and you, from spending extra pennies on transportation. Another benefit of this sports activity is that it is extremely versatile. It can get as comforting and as intense as you want it to be.

So it is time to get started with this amazing sport. However, let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions by a new bicycle rider.


1. How can I work out the best route to work?

The best route to travel by cycle could be a different street from what you travel by while driving. On a bicycle, you can travel through quieter lanes and streets, making your ride comfortable and enjoyable. If you live in a place where you can ride across a lovely park, you will have a wonderful start to your morning.

Also, certain streets are specifically designed for cycling. If your city has these cycling lanes, you will not have to worry a bit!


2. How do I cycle safely?

There have been a lot of accidents cyclists have met with, unfortunately. However, the risk of meeting with an accident is far less than keeping unfit and leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Make sure you wear safety gear, a helmet and ride carefully on the side of the road. You will be safe.


3. How do I keep my bike safe from thieves?

As a bike rider, bike theft is a reason to worry when it comes to city cycling. However, there are many ways by which you can save your bike. One is a good cycle lock and two, the right location. Always park your cycle in an area which falls under CCTV surveillance and makes sure it is properly locked.


4. What should I wear while riding?

Most Common Questions Asked By A Bike Rider

There are many answers to this question! It all relies on how far you want to ride. If you are taking a bike ride to work, wear your formals and a helmet for protection.

If you are a bike rider aiming up to the hills, wear comfortable clothing which is meant for cycling. You can wear waterproof jackets and trousers if you are going out in the rains. However, if you want ultimate comfort for speedy, longer rides, a cycling kit does give you freedom of movement and uses technical fabric which wicks away sweat, as well as keeping you warm in the winter.


5. What if I get a puncture? 

Learn to fix it! Fixing a puncture is not difficult. What you only have to be careful about is getting the tire back on correctly. It will get easier with practice.

Also, there are a few measures that you can take to prevent your tires from getting a puncture. Watch your road, keep the recommended pressure and get a steady bicycle that rides you smoothly through all terrains.


6. How do I meet other people to ride with? 

If you are looking for some company of bike riders, find some cycling clubs close to your area. Find a club that welcomes you and has like minded people. Make sure you are comfortable with them. Cycling with a group should be in sync so that nobody feels left out or exhausted.


7. What happens if I am in an accident?

Well, there is nothing wrong in assuming a negative situation like meeting with an accident. However, the point here is to be positive during tough times. Always remember, if you meet with a car crash, you will get the other person’s insurance details. Well, it is the same procedure that you need to follow while in a bike accident.

However, while going on a trip as a bike rider, always make sure to carry a mobile phone, a diary with emergency contact numbers and be sure to wear protection gears at all times.


8. Will I get sore knees? 

If you are suffering from body pain after a ride, then probably something is not right with your bike. Cycling does not cause knee/back/wrist or another sort of pain. Of course, you will have body ache if you directly start on with cycling without warming up or having a physical fitness routine.

However, if you are still suffering from somebody pain, it is probably due to a fault in your cycle. For example, if the saddle is too low, it can cause knee pain in the front, while a high saddle can cause pain behind the knee. Get yourself a cycle that suits you perfectly. Otherwise, you might have to suffer from physical problems for the rest of your life. You can buy a BIY kit from Bamboobee; it is a build-it-yourself bamboo bicycle which you can make as per your needs. This is one of the most appropriate ways to make sure you do not suffer from any cycling problems!


9. Where do I find the perfect bicycle for myself?

Finding a perfect bicycle is a very personal experience. Not all cycles are suitable for everyone. It also depends on what sort of rides you want to go for. Simple around-the-city rides can be carried on by simple bicycles, but you need mountain bikes for hilltops.

Bamboobee’s Bamboo Bicycles are made to suit all kinds of terrains without compromising on comfort. These are made of bamboo which provides strength and easy movement to the body of the bike smoothly. These also give a luxurious feel for being made with natural bamboo, which gives them a sleek and polished design. So check out our website and pick out a suitable bicycle for yourself!


Now that your doubts are answered, it is time to awaken the bike rider within you and start your journey. Happy cycling!

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