10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cycling For Women

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Being fit and active is essential for all women. Your health may get hampered due to some ups and downs throughout your lifetime. This is why women should take extra care of their health and wellbeing. But how? Exercise is the key to good health! And can you think of an activity better than cycling? 🙂

Here are ten reasons why women must include cycling in their daily routine!


1. Cycling is good for the heart.

Riding a bike is an amazing way to strengthen your heart. According to the American Heart Association, in the United States alone, every minute tens of women lose their lives due to heart disease or stroke, and one in three women suffer from cardiovascular disease.

This is not only a big hazard to every woman’s health, but it can take a toll on your life. Cycling shows a way out of this. Studies show that regular cycling may be helpful for improving heart health and lessening the chances of blood pressure fluctuation.


 2. It can help protect against breast cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute, physically active women have lower risks of breast cancer as compared to inactive women. Especially, all-body exercises like cycling are helpful in reducing the risk of breast cancer in premenopausal and postmenopausal ages.


3.  Cycling helps you get ample amount of Vitamin D.

Although cycling is not directly related to vitamin D, still being out for a considerable time for cycling can be vital in absorbing this essential nutrient. Getting an adequate amount of vitamin D triggers the healthy development of women’s bones and teeth, and it also promotes immunity and helps in building immunity.


4. Cycling reduces stress and pressure on your joints.

According to a study,  whether you are recovering from an injury, looking for a cross-training option or want to exercise without giving pressure on your joints, cycling is an ideal exercise for you. While cycling, your heart pumps without pounding on your joints. So, if you wish to exercise without punishing your body, then make cycling a habit!


5. Cycling enhances your endurance.

Women need to be enduring through hectic days and all the multi-tasking. Like most other exercises, cycling enhances your lung power, tones your muscles, regulates your breathing and thus, increases your stamina to keep going all day.


6. Cycling strengthens your muscles.

While cycling, you will be using nearly all the muscles in your body. Two of such most obvious muscles in your body are the heart and your thighs. Moreover, other essential muscles include calves, core, shoulders, forearms, neck, hamstrings and back. All these muscles get toned and used while cycling, leaving little room for soreness and cramps.


7. Cycling gives you a better sleep.

Women have to deal with many things simultaneously. You need to set on alarms, keep track of the bills, indulge yourselves in professional as well as personal lives and also fix problems which arise in your day to day routine. This hectic schedule may sometimes hamper your sleep. Cycling can help you in dealing with this as well. According to a study, 20-30 minutes of daily cycling helps people to fall asleep twice faster and also it enhances the quality of sleep.


8. Cycling can boost your self-confidence.

This may sound a bit absurd, but this is true. Cycling is a mood-booster. It may make you feel happier, lighter and more confident after a ride. As it makes you swift and more active, you will also feel more composed and energetic all day through as compared to your rather inactive friends. Also, traveling on a bicycle gives you a sense of independence, and you no longer have to rely on anyone else for transport.


9. Cycling is great for your immunity.

The physical benefits of cycling for women are many. One of the most crucial ones is that cycling increases your immunity. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, cycling enhances the antibodies and white blood cells. Also, during and after cycling, there is a mild rise in body temperature, which helps in preventing the bad bacteria build up from growing. Also, riding a bike and getting sweaty helps in fighting infection powerfully.


10. Cycling is fun.

More than a versatile, whole body exercise, cycling is also much fun. So, if you have an adventurous zeal, you should surely venture into cycling and take it up as a passionate hobby.  Some may prefer the rugged terrain of mountains or some may prefer the newly paved roads; however, both will be equally fun.  So, pick up your helmet and set out for some adventure time with your bike and your girl gang.


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