10 Bamboobee Bike Builds And What We Love About Them

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At Bamboobee, we’re about more than just the bikes themselves. We also value the lifestyle associated with our products and the way our customers build and use their Bamboobee Bike Builds.

If you already follow us on Facebook, you’ll know that we often report some of our customers’ photos of their finished bikes.

Here are just a few of our favorites and what we love about them.


1. Simple yet Striking

What we love most about this bike is that it’s so simple yet still so great looking and stylish – all while encapsulating the overall look and feel of a Bamboobee bamboo bicycle.

Its frame is perfectly suited to the minimalistic wheels and tires the customer has added, resulting in a look that focuses mostly on the bamboo frame.


2. A Pop of Yellow


The bamboo frame of this bike has been complemented with an exciting black and yellow theme. The chunky black tires make it even more sturdy on the road, while the bold pops of yellow add color and style.

The saddle and handlebars are both blacks featuring a yellow design, setting off the look perfectly. Adding a little color to your bike is an excellent way to reflect your style and personality on every journey.


3. Bold and Earthy Green

This is another example of using colourful elements to enhance a Bamboobee bike build. The customer has opted for bright green tyres to make a unique statement that you wouldn’t usually see, complemented by matching green cables.

Not only is green a great looking choice, it also fits in with Bamboobee’s green and sustainable materials and manufacturing.


4. Blacked Out Wheels

An all-black look is very sleek and stylish – as this customer knows! The bike features the original bamboo bicycle frame, yet everything else has been completely blacked out.

The handlebars, saddle, part of the framework and wheels are all coated in a seamless matte shade of black, adding contrast against the bamboo.

The wheels especially stand out as all black ones are harder to come by, adding to the cool and unique look of the finished bike.


5. Strong and Sturdy

One of the first things you’ll notice about this bike is the thickness of the bamboo framework in comparison to the rest of the bike. The customer has made sure that it remains an integral focal point of the bike, adding to the sturdy look with solid looking handlebars.

In contrast, the wheels are fairly thin and lightweight, bringing the overall build together in a way that’s balanced and looks great too!


6. Natural Coordination

If you’re a fan of the natural look, you’re sure to love this build. The beige and tan tyres surrounding the wheels are an ideal pairing for the natural tones of the bamboo frame, complemented further by the classic tan handlebars.

Staying within the neutral theme ensures the bike looks coordinated while also giving it the natural look the customer has chosen.


7. Unmissable Red

We’ve already talked about how adding a bright pop of colour can add something special to your bike, so why not go as bold as possible? That’s what this customer has done with an unmissable shade of bright red, used to enhance the wheels, saddle and handlebars.

The colour fits perfectly with the warm, red-toned stain of the bamboo and makes a statement against the black, creating a standout look that’s sure to get you noticed as your ride around town.


8. Cool Blue

If bright and bold colours aren’t your thing but you still want to add some color and personality to your bike, a cool and calming shade is a great choice.

On this bike, the customer has used a light sky blue on part of the framework, as well as adding some matching tires.

This cool color is wonderfully suited to the natural light tones of the bamboo, finding the perfect balance between subtlety and decoration.


9. Nostalgic Style

This bike is sure to create a sense of nostalgia for the vintage bikes of past eras. Part of this is down to the sleek cream colour which was often used on old-school bikes, alongside the tradition that comes alongside the bamboo and classic tan saddle.

If you look closely, you’ll even spot the small cycling bag at the back, which we think is an excellent way to transport your must-have items during your ride.


10. Warmth

What stands out the most about this bike is the overall look of warmth you’ll notice when you look at it, bringing to mind thoughts of Fall or spices.

It’s a welcoming theme that we’d bet the owner loves getting to see each day.

The bamboo has been stained with a darker, warmer tone with a red-toned brown on the joints – all the more complemented by the bright red within the wheels.

As you can see, every Bamboobee bicycle is unique and completely customized to each customer’s needs and style. How would you create yours?


If you’ve been inspired by these builds, you are welcome to browse the range we have here at Bamboobee.net, ranging from the fully customizable Build Your Own Bike Kit to our selection of pre-built bamboo bicycles.

Do you want to see more great bike builds from the Bamboobee community? If so, head on over to Facebook.com/YourBamboobee and don’t forget to give us a like!

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