11 Must Have Stylish Bike Accessories

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Whether you are a casual rider or a pro cyclist, you undoubtedly wish to have some smart accessories to make your bike look cooler and make your rides even more exciting. The market nowadays is filled with uniquely designed, innovative accessories to satisfy every demand. You can choose from the vast collection available in the market and pair them up with your bike to enhance your riding experience.

We have enlisted ten excellent design-savvy stylish bike accessories which will make your ride as smooth as silk and add a distinct style to your bike!


1. Smart Helmet

Add a brand new smart biking helmet to your kit and ride in style. The smart bike helmets feature integrated brake and turn signal lights. They keep the riders visible and safe on the road, especially in the dark. Smart helmets generally work via wireless remote which is mounted on a handlebar and has 10 white LEDs on the front, 38 red LEDs on the back, and 11 orange LEDs for signaling each turn. These smart helmets are useful in getting located and also let you co-riders know about your next moves and turns.


2.  Fashionable Gloves

There is a wide range of cycling gloves in the market to choose from. You can go with the ones which are comfortable and stylish. There are gloves which feature breathable spandex and come with comfortable leather palms. These gloves are a fantastic blend of style and functionality.


3. Laser-Enhanced Light

The laser enhanced bicycle lights aim at making cycling secure for urbanites. The laser light allows the rider to locate any potholes, vehicles, animals or pedestrians on the road. Plus, the laser lights are waterproof and can be a big help if you happen to be riding on some stormy, rainy nights.


4. Foldable Basket

10 Must Have Stylish Bike Accessories

Do you use your bicycle even for grocery shopping? Or love to carry some stuff on your ride? Then a foldable basket is a must for you. This simple but smart bike accessory makes the bike look stylish and also you can use your bike as a daily transport without any hassle or extra weight to carry on the shoulders. You can also try the Bamboobee classic wooden crate if you want to integrate sophistication and comfort!


5. GPS Computer

You can bring home the advanced GPS cycling computers which connect to your smartphone via a free companion app and enables you to set up your data fields, track performance, and share ride data. The GPS bike computers are wireless and extremely useful for pro-riders.


6. Waterproof Rain Poncho

A waterproof rain poncho is a useful accessory for riders who love to ride in the rains. The poncho is a stylish wearable tent with a semi-rigid frontal section extending over the handlebars to protect the rider’s arms and legs. Carrying the poncho is also easy as it is foldable and comes with a built-in pouch.

Besides the poncho, you can also go for a waterproof bike cover which is available in different colors and protects the bike from rain, dust, and other damage.


7. High-Tech Speedometer

Bike speedometers are a must have accessories for passionate riders who love to speed up. The speedometer keeps track of your riding speed and also looks incredibly stylish on your bike. You can select the color of the speedometer according to that of your bike to enhance the look.


8. Compact Bell

Unlike the traditional bike bells, there are smart bike bells which have come into the market. These are small in size, compact and wrap around the handlebar like a bracelet. These accessories look amazing on your bike and also provide convenience while riding.


7. Smart Locks

You can now protect your bikes with smart keyless locks which connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. In addition to smart unlocking technology, the locks also give you theft-attempt alerts; you can also set up alarms to your emergency contacts in case of accidents.


10. Coffee Cup Holder

This is a must-have accessory for the riders who also are coffee lovers and cannot miss their cuppa coffee even while cycling. These coffee holders are simple and come with the double bolted mounting design, to make sure that you can carry your coffee without spilling. They are attached to the handlebar and can hold tapered bodies and sealed lid cups of coffee without spilling. These coffee holders look amazingly stylish and make you stand out of the crowd.


11.  Arm-Mounted Cycling Mirror

10 Must Have Stylish Bike Accessories

An arm mounted mirror is an innovative accessory which is not attached to the bike but is of great use for the avid riders. The mirror is mounted on the rider’s arm like a wristwatch, can give a 360-degree view and is adjustable. The mirror comes which a sleek design and is suitable for all wrist sizes.


Having these chic accessories will sure enhance the riding experience of passionate riders.

But you know what’s more stylish than having stylish bike accessories? A cool and super stylish bamboo bike! It is made up of bamboo and is an epitome of sophistication and innovation. Plus, bamboo bikes have a BIY option which allows you to build your bike yourself.

So go on, make your bike stylish and never look like a boring rider again!

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