20 Amusing Facts About Bicycles And Cycling

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Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise. We all know how much it helps our mind and body to be fit. It is an extremely flexible activity which can be as relaxing and as intense as you wish. So for all you passionate cyclists, here are some amusing facts about bicycles and cycling that will blow your mind!

Amusing Facts About Bicycles


  1. The world’s longest bicycle is recorded to be a whopping 92-foot (28-metres) long!
  2. Maintaining a bike would cost you twenty times lesser than the maintenance and of a car, annually.
  3. The longest “tandem” bicycle was more than 20 meters long and seated 35 people.
  4. The amount of space that a car occupies is sufficient for 15 bicycles.
  5. The world manufactures around 100 million cycles every year.
  6.  India launched a satellite in 1981 which was transported on an ox-cart. The rocket parts were carried on the back of a bicycle.
  7. A Korean man, Okhwan Yoon had left a profitable business to cycle the world to support world peace. He has cycled across 192 countries on six continents over a period of 9 years. He has also survived six car accidents, extreme temperatures, malaria, robbery, and kidnapping.
  8. In Sweden, you will have the year-round right to walk, ride, cycle, ski and camp on any land. There are a few exceptions though, due to The Right of Public Access, or ‘Allemansrätt.’
  9. The Tour de France was recognized in 1903.
  10. Race Across America is a bicycle race which is 700 miles longer than the Tour de France. It also does not have stages. This means that the competitor’s race for about 3,000 miles, rarely stopping anywhere.
  11. In 1954, a fifteen-year-old boy told his parents he was going to school but rode for a week to complete a distance of 700 miles, from D.C. to Atlanta! He did this because he was “homesick for Dixie and his grandmother’s fried chicken.”
  12. Even though there are no speed limits for bicycles in the UK, authorities can prosecute you for simply cycling too fast. This would be under the charge of ‘cycling furiously.’

Amusing Health Facts About Cycling
  1. Finnish researchers conducted a long-term study that stated that the people who took part in cycling and moderate exercises for at least 30 minutes every day were half as likely to develop cancer than those who did not follow this workout routine.
  2. Chief Dietician at St. George’s Hospital, London believed that exercising on a moderate level will make immune cells more active. This will make them ready to fight off infections in your body.
  3. The British Heart Foundation released shocking data statistics. This stated that around 10,000 fatal heart attacks could have been prevented every year if everyone kept themselves healthy, active and fit. 20 miles of cycling in a week can reduce the risk of heart problems by 50% that those who did not exercise.
  4. Figures state- An average person can lose around 5.8 (13 lbs) Kilograms of weight in the first year of cycling routine!
  5. A study found that 25 minutes of aerobic workout routines like cycling can boost a measure of creative thinking in your brain.
  6. There is a proven fact that there is a direct connection between mental wellbeing and exercise. When you feel like giving yourself a legal high, go cycling!
  7. Biking improves your health and quality of life. It will help your body and will relieve stress, and just generally make you feel better about life.
  8. You can cycle at three times the speed of walking, at the same expenditure of energy.

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