5 Best Smartwatches For All Types Of Cyclists

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As there are so many products flooding the market, choosing an apt smartwatch is getting harder day by day.

If you are an enthusiastic cyclist, then you will surely need a smartwatch which has all the fantastic features to make your rides fun and exciting. But how do you choose one? Today we’re trying to help you with just that!


How will you decide?

There are a few key features which will make your decision easier. Here is a list of the features you must consider before choosing a smartwatch for your cycle rides:

  • Battery life which is suitable for your normal ride time. Some watches with GPS may only last only for 3-4 hours before dying. So when you choose a smartwatch, make sure that you pick the one with longevity
  • Look for a watch in which you can enable GPS so that phone will not be pumped for data
  • Your smartwatch must give smart notifications, so you get the phone calls and texts during your ride
  • Auto-upload features so that you can quickly see if you have the Strava segment
  • An app which is compatible with your working phone
  • Heart rate tracking capabilities which will help you in keeping track of your heart rate
  • Cycling-specific mode which is a must for cycling ride


To help make your job easier, here we’ve listed 5 watches which have all the above features and are suitable for cyclists. Choose the one you like and ride away!


1. Apple Watch Series 2– For The Stylish Cyclists

5 Best Smartwatches For All Types Of Cyclists

Apple Watch Series 2 is undoubtedly one of the most stylish watches, given to the huge variety of band options and watch faces which are customizable. The latest version of these watches is more sport-specific and can be used for a variety of activities like swimming. This watch also has some fantastic features like GPS so that it can use the Strava without your phone. Through Strava, you can save your phone’s battery life on the road so you can use it more for activities like Instagramming your ride simultaneously or any other. It is also the only model which can be used to respond to messages, receive calls and even do things like recording to-self notes while pedaling through your ride.  It indeed is a smart watch!


2. Garmin Forerunner 920 XT

5 Best Smartwatches For All Types Of Cyclists

This is one rare smartwatch which is able to replace your cycling computer in the truest sense.  It can do everything from swim-to-bike-to-run if necessary. This smartwatch can be more useful to passionate cyclists as it has an inbuilt GPS and comes with a heart rate strap to give accurate monitoring of your heart beats.

This watch can also pair with your ANT+ power devices so that you can check power and cadence while riding your bike. You’ll also get notifications of the texts, phone calls, and other uploads automatically to your Garmin Connect account which is paired to Strava and Training Peaks. This amazing smartwatch also has a bike mount option in case you don’t wish to wear the watch on your fist for long rides.


 3. Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Smart Watch

5 Best Smartwatches For All Types Of Cyclists

The Garmin Vívoactive HR GPS smartwatch is an affordable version of the above-mentioned 920XT. This smartwatch is the best pick for ones who are looking for those looking for something which can track rides through GPS and heart rate, but do not need a heart rate strap to do so.

This smartwatch is somewhat less powerful and yet provides similar smartwatch features and notifications. Moreover, it also offers the automatic uploads to Garmin Connect. This watch is not as bulky as other Garmin options and thus, is one of the most wearable options during longer rides.

Unlike the Apple Watch, which may suffer battery drain, this watch when not used with the GPS mode, can run up to eight days with short charges.


4. Garmin Forerunner 235

5 Best Smartwatches For All Types Of Cyclists

Do not be tricked with the running-specific name of this watch. Whether you are a biker, runner, skier, hiker or cyclist, this GPS-enabled watch is a perfect one for every activity. It comes with smart notifications and a wrist-based heart rate monitor does the trick. This smartwatch is ultra-lightweight, and you can carry it comfortably around all day during your bike ride. Furthermore, this watch is much simple to sync with your phone and send easy uploads to Strava.


5. Fitbit Alta HR

5 Best Smartwatches For All Types Of Cyclists

You can opt for this smartwatch for basic activity tracking and smart call-text-calendar notifications. To sum it up, the Fitbit Alta HR is a minimal option and looks more like a band than a watch and has a compact watch face. You can call this watch as a hybrid between a smartwatch like Garmin Forerunner and the original fitness bands without screens So if you are looking for all-day fitness tracking, Fitbit Alta HR is the best choice for you as it tracks steps, sleep, workouts and does so while looking utterly modest.


All the above smartwatches are good choices, which can make your rides easier, exciting and fun. If you are a passionate cyclist who is looking for more than just accessories, then take a look at the Bamboobee bikes. These bamboo bikes are unique, eco-friendly and are completely customizable. They come with a BIY kit and a guidebook which can help you in building your bike according to your needs and choice. Moreover, you can also choose from an array of cycling accessories to add to your bicycles and make them trendier and more stylish!

For more cycling related ideas and insights stay tuned to our blogs and do not forget to add your comments and suggestions in the section given below!

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