6-Week Cycling Training Plan for Speed & Endurance

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Millions of people have bicycles, but surprisingly only a few people take complete advantage of cycling. For those who have not yet tapped into cycling's benefits,  the list is long: it burns a lot of calories at a steady clip, which helps to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease, and improves your memory and brain power. Plus it makes for deeper and more recharging sleep. It is gentle on the joints and most important of all, cycling is fun. 

But remember that you cannot just start with cycling out of the blue. You need to make a plan and stick to it for getting all the desired benefits!

The six-week plan we've compiled here contains all the step-by-step instructions which are perfect for cycling beginners, but it also works perfectly for the intermediate riders. The workouts are designed to challenge or stretch your muscles and the cardiovascular system in order to build your abilities on the bike in a carefully calibrated amount of time. The more you focus the greater and better the results will be. You will feel more strong, more energetic, sharper, and happier. Also, there is a good chance that you will see some change on the scale, too. So, pull your cycle out of the garage and get going for a fun ride. 


One tip: If you cannot remember the details of your rides, then screenshot it on your smartphone or take notes on masking tape and stick them on your bike's top tube.


2. Maintain the intensity.

6-Week Cycling Training Plan for Speed, And Endurance

During the plan, you also need to maintain the intensity of your speed and terrain but do not get hung up on the numbers. Instead, put in more and more efforts to cultivate the best results. 


Week 1

This week is all about the workout in order to get you there on the road. This will help you gain confidence in bike handling and controlling your efforts on the road.  


Week 2

The second week's workout helps you to gain confidence using the gears to control pedaling cadence and efforts. It also makes you feel more comfortable for long rides. For more experienced riders, you need to push against bigger gears and spinning rapidly in smaller ones which help you gain strength by working for various muscle groups.


Week 3

In this week's workout, focus more on the workout involving bike-handling skills and pedaling at a smooth and steady pace. This will help you feel comfortable in coasting through turns smoothly and taking corners like a skilled cyclist. 


Week 4

At first, you may find it unnatural to ride at 90 or 100 rpm, but before long you notice that a cadence above 80 feels like less work, which is helpful for longer rides. This week's workout makes those higher-rpm efforts comfortable and enables you to use cadence to control your efforts. However, do not sacrifice proper form during this segment of the workout. If you start rocking at the hips or flailing at the knees, lower your cadence until you're in control, then try again.



Week 6

The week 6 exercise involves a lot of pedaling which gives your legs a break and helps practice for the steep hills because you're putting all your weight into your pedals. This exercise also raises your heart rate because your upper body needs to work harder to support your torso and maintain a balance. This week's workout will increase your fitness and riding skills to the fullest. 

6-Week Cycling Training Plan for Speed, And Endurance

In addition to regular exercise, you also need to watch on your diet for gaining good results while cycling. You must increase the intake of water, fruits, proteins, and energy bars. Also, you should carry a lot of water, energy-giving food along with you on the rides to avoid fatigue and energy loss due to food shortage or extra exertion. 

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