7 Amazing Bicycle Variations Which Are Stealing Attention!

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Riding a bicycle is a great way to get around, exercise and even for everyday transport. Though the simple, everyday bicycles do the job well, a few people love to experiment. There is a growing trend of experimenting with the bike and finding different, innovative ways to make it more exciting.

Here we have compiled seven types of brilliant variations to everyday bicycles which are stealing the attention of avid cyclists and enthusiasts!


1. ElliptiGO Bicycle

7 Amazing Bicycle Variations Which Are Stealing Attention!

Do you love your elliptical? If yes, then ElliptiGO has bought something for you. This bicycle does not have the pedals but instead have a set of elliptical steps. Through this, one can get the full benefit of jogging while riding a bike.


2. Taga Bicycle

While there are several devices that allow you to strap your baby when you go for a bike ride, the Taga is probably the first bike which can also be a stroller. This bike allows you to take your baby for a pleasant stroll while you enjoy your bike ride.  You can also buy a waterproof rain cover so that your kiddo stays dry and safe in any weather and you can also enjoy your bike rides no matter what.


3. Treadmill Bicycle

The Treadmill Bike enables you to take your favorite cardio equipment on the roads. In this bike, you use your walking or running power to push the wheels and make you move. It might not seem to be a comfortable mode of transportation, but you will be shedding plenty of extra calories.


4. Renovatia Bicycle

Jens Eichler’s Renovatia is a bicycle which is stylish, beautiful and unique. It is a wooden-cycle, built for two and comes with a classy design and finish. It is a good pick for the duos who love to ride a bike. May it is couples, siblings, or friends, this bike will surely make your rides exciting and memorable.


5. Conference Bicycle

7 Amazing Bicycle Variations Which Are Stealing Attention!

A conference bike seems to be a weird concept, but It is bought into reality by artist Eric Staller. One person can handle the steering, and seven people can do the pedaling. This bike travels at a pretty decent speed and can be used for group movement. Google is now using this bicycle for giving tours of its campus to new employees. It can also be used to take visually challenged people around the town as it needs only one person with good vision to navigate the cycle. Thus, although it may seem a bit unpractical at first, is a useful innovation in bicycles.


6. Innesenti Bicycle

Don’t let the looks of this bicycle fool you.  The designer has taken the cues from Formula 1 and Indy Cars, which provides it with fantastic speed and shock resistance feature for bumpy roads ahead. The individualized seat design for each rider ensures that it will be one of the most comfortable bikes to ride.


7.Bamboobee Bikes

Like the bikes given above, Bamboobee’s DIY bike builder is also a unique innovation. With Bamboobee’s BIY kit, you have the option of customizing your bike as you want by building it on your own with bamboo. Bamboobee offers a BIY kit with all the premium quality bamboo frame, parts and a guide which help you throughout the process. Besides bicycles, you can also get various bamboo bike accessories which can enhance the look of your bike and even make your rides more exciting.

So, if you are in search of an offbeat bicycle, then take a look at Bamboobee’s bamboo bicycle builder. With Bamboobee, you are supporting a greener lifestyle, and also you will be getting endless customizability, plus you will stand out from the crowd!


Take a look at our online workshops for learning how to build a bamboo bike by yourself. You can also get a few useful tips and tricks from our instructional videos to understand bike building. Visit our blog to stay updated with the new trends in cycling and also find helpful tips, advice, and updates about biking overall!


So what do you think about these seven different variations of bicycles? Do you like them? Do you know any more? Share your questions, suggestions, and ideas in the comments section below! We would love to hear from you!

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