7 Benefits Of Riding A Bicycle For Weight Loss

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What is it that makes cycling so special? It makes you happy, fit, flexible, immune and also slim! Cycling is not only good for your emotional health but also has a number of benefits for your metabolism, weight loss and reducing fat saturation.

To know more about how cycling can help you in shedding those extra pounds of fats from your body, take a look at these benefits! Thank us later. 😉


1. Cycling is not only about  “exercise.”

According to research, most people start their exercise routines and leave it in the middle. About 80 percent of people start exercising enthusiastically and then over the time stop working out. Once you become bored with all the gym stuff and new clothes, they tend to go back to their usual wardrobes! However, this is not true about riding a bicycle. Riding makes you feel like a kid; go places and explore, pedal through pretty scenery, and feel the fresh air wash over you. Also, you can ride with your friends or family or relish in some alone time. You will also forget looking at the clock and go on enjoying your fun ride without any boredom or routine feel. This makes cycling more than just an exercise and also helps you in forming and maintaining your weight loss program.


2. Cycling is an easy plus an intense workout. 

A number of researches show that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) triggers and boosts your fitness, increase your metabolism, and stimulate human growth hormone, and ultimately burn more fat. So if you are looking for an exercise which is intense and also soft on your body, then go for cycling as your regular habit. You need to just find a quiet stretch of road or path, which is a bit of an incline and go on a cycling spree. You should pedal and push as hard as you can for 10 to 20 seconds, then go easy for about 20 to 40 seconds, and repeat this process eight times. You can rest for four or five minutes, then carry on with it again.


3. You will find new friends while cycling. 

According to research, social support, and having workout buddies dramatically increases the likelihood of you sticking with your cycling routine. And as consistency is key to improving your fitness and shedding unwanted weight, this will only help you in getting better. Cycling is such a social sport that, you can make a group of cycling enthusiasts and go on a group riding tour down the city or onto the hills.


4. Riding a bicycle is gentle on the joints.

Cycling is much gentle on your joints, and it is often recommended as the exercise of choice for people suffering from joint ailments. However, make sure that your bike is comfortable. Also, make sure that you have a right fit and a  good warmup so that you can push the pace without stressing your hips, knees, and ankles.


5. You can also keep cycling indoors.

Most outdoor activities running become pretty difficult when you bring them into your home. However, a number of cycling apps like Zwift, Sufferfest, TrainerRoad, make indoor studio cycling classes fun and entertaining. That means you will hardly fall out of your exercise routine when the weather turns bad or your friends are not joining you.


6. You can do cycling any time of the day.

What better can you do for shedding those extra fats? Burning fat has never been so much fun when you are riding along, chitchatting with your ride buddies any time in the day. However, you need to keep control over your snacking, breaks and pass time intervals. You also should take care of your health and indulge in a proper warm-up routine before cycling.


7. Cycling does not disturb your routine.

The beauty of bikes is that you can exercise while sticking to your routine. Instead of reserving a chunk of your day for your bike workout, you can carry on with it even in your current routine. You can carry on with your riding by taking riding to stores, offices, and riding for other errands. This makes cycling an excellent exercise which burns your fats as well as keeps your routine intact.


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