7 Reasons How Biking Is Your Wellness Formula

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We all are aware of how biking is beneficial for our health. It helps in improving cardiovascular fitness. This reduces the fat in our body, builds strength and increases circulation. It also prevents chances of diseases such as heart attacks. However, ever wondered how it can affect your mental health? What is the perfectly balanced wellness formula?

Studies prove that there is a direct connection between exercise and mental wellness. As you exercise more and keep your body physically active, there are higher chances that you experience positive feelings. When you are mentally confident, you will be able to fight off stress and other negative burdens like anxiety and depression.

Here are a few reasons why we suggest you go biking! It will help you attain the perfect wellness formula for life.

1. Biking as a lifestyle exercise will improve your subjective mood.

Half an hour of biking can improve your mood and wellness. A study related to mood and physical activity looked at two sets of people. The ones who were involved in casual physical activities and the ones who took part in competitive sports activities. It was found out that the people who participate in casual physical activities reported experiencing better mood and thoughts from those who attended competitive sport.

So take part in lifestyle exercise and go biking around the city every day, for 30 minutes. It will improve the balance between your mental and physical wellness formula daily, leaving you refreshed and confident.

2. Biking will enhance your self-esteem.

‘What we think, we become.’ This is a very popular quote by Gautama Buddha. This applies to everyone today. When you feel good about yourself, you excel at work. It is the positive thoughts and feelings we experience that keep us going through the day. However, where do you find motivation each day?

Well, it is simple. Apart from keeping a calm mind, exercise for at least 20 minutes a day. It will bring about a drastic change. Go out biking- it will not only become a form of exercise but will also make sure you step out of your house each day. When you ride, you will come across many people, things, nature and other surroundings. All this will add to positivity, leading to mental wellness and high self-esteem.


3. Biking will act as an anti-depressant.

Today, everyone has a time-crunched lifestyle. A stressful job, dreams of achieving higher, the pressure of being socially active, unhealthy eating habits, etc. sum up to a disturbed mind. This is leading to most of the young population acquiring mental disorders. Anxiety, OCD, depression are increasingly trapping people in the world. So to get rid of your stress and psychological low, go out of your house and enjoy your surroundings. Go on bike rides; they will help you feel refreshed and help you in getting out of your anxious, depressed cocoon if you are suffering from one.


4. It promotes weight loss.

When we talk about weight loss, we mean that the right wellness formula is calorie out should exceed calorie in. So not all skinny people are healthy and not all plump people are unhealthy. Fitness is attained when you exercise dedicatedly every day. Biking can burn anywhere between 400-1000 calories in an hour, depending on your intensity.

Of course, other factors such as the amount of sleep and intake of food affects the overall health. However, exercising is essential.


5. Cuts heart disease and cancer risk.

Biking increases the heart rate and pumps blood around your body. It burns calories which reduces chances of weight gain. This is one of the reasons why biking is considered to be the best forms of exercise at all times. A recent study conducted by the University of Glasgow studied over 260,000 people for a period of five years. It brought to light that those who cycle to work have fewer chances of developing life-threatening diseases like cancer or heart problems.

Dr. Jason Gill of the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences commented: “Cycling all or part of the way to work was associated with a substantially lower risk of adverse health outcomes.”


6. Biking is safer than other forms of exercises.

When you compare biking with other types of exercise, you will realize that cycling is a safer form of workout. For example, let’s consider running. Running is a weight-bearing form of workout. Thus, it has higher injury rates. Biking, on the other hand, is not weight bearing. In research, scientists studied and compared a group of long-distance runners with cyclists. It was found that runners suffered 133% to 144% higher muscle damage and 256% higher inflammation.

So get on with biking, it is a wellness formula that will never go wrong.


7. Lastly, cycling saves time.

Time is money. biking will save you time while taking care of your health. Consider the following situations:

  1. You sit in a car, drive through the traffic, line up to get a parking spot, pay for the parking and then arrive.
  2. Walk up to the bus stop, wait for the bus to come, pay for your ride, go through the long route while continuously stopping for passengers, get off the bus and then walk to your destination.
  3. Get a bicycle, whiz past the traffic, parking without fee, lock the bike in place and arrive!

Isn’t biking just the right wellness formula?


Now that you are motivated to ride the bicycle get started today. Check out our Bamboo Bikes; these are suitable for all types of terrains! We also provide a build your own bike option. This will help you to customize and modify your bike as per your convenience. Own the perfect wellness formula and cycle along!.

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