7 Things About Long Bike Rides No One Will Tell You

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People who cycle a lot have an idea of how tough yet refreshing this sport can be! The seasoned players know the ins and outs well, but there are quite a few new or aspiring cyclists who are eager to plunge into this sport as a hobby or as an exercise. 

Firstly, we would recommend taking up short rides and then going for the longer ones, as until then you will develop an acquaintance with the activity and form an expertise in riding. But if you want to take up long rides on long roads swiftly, go through these tips which might be helpful for you!

Here are the seven most important things you need to know about the long-distance cycling which will prepare you for a long road and for the miles to come.


1. You cannot avoid the hills.

It is obvious that you cannot be on a straight and simple road on a cycle trip. You might also probably be ready for the tough times ahead and so, this might seem to you as an obvious face, but when it comes to actual cycling, this might get a bit tedious. The hills and winds which come by in your road may be a bit problematic for you if you have not taken enough care, carried medications or do not have enough practice or endurance. To deal with this, the first thing that you need to do is to carry out constant training before you step outside the house and start taking cycle rides. Also, just remember to use as many gears as necessary and focus more on maintaining the RPMs even more and better than your speed.


2. It is not always your legs that will hurt the most.

Cycling is a comparatively a low-impact sport on the legs, and obviously,  after 50, 60 or 100 miles, you will be feeling every bump of that road through your hands, your shoulders, your neck and also on your butt. To avoid this, you need to invest in a great pair of padded shorts, and also keep changing your seating position and your posture as per necessity to relieve the pressure on some particular areas of your body.


3. Long rides need mental endurance and physical strength.


If you have been into training and regular cardio, you know that exercising is a regular endeavor which needs more mental endurance and also an equal amount of physical strength. Obviously, you might feel easily frustrated and defeated after biking for 25 miles with only a  1/4th of your path covered. But all you need to do is to push back all the negative thoughts in your head and start enjoying the scenery, the nature around you and try and establish harmony with your speed.

Just sideline all your negative thoughts while riding and if needed, slow down a little bit if you are too exhausted.


4. You need to have enough nutrition.

Once you have covered the first two hours of cycling, you need to gulp some food and refuel yourself to continue your ride for the next 4-5 hours. And if you’re there for more than 4–5 hours, then your nutrition become crucial. More than water and electrolyte-laced beverages, you must eat some simple, easily-digestible carbohydrates like energy gels and avoid the dreaded bonk.


5. Avoid bacon and egg breakfast

Protein and healthy fats after your rides are great for the recovery of your body, but a heavy breakfast of bacon and eggs will not work. The proteins and fats take longer to digest, especially during the rigorous rides when your body will be focused on fuelling your heart and lungs, and not your digestion. So instead of a full packed breakfast, try some whole-wheat toast with a little almond butter and a banana-and-berry smoothie.


6. Weight loss will not become easier.

It is believed that cycling helps you in losing a lot of weight; however, the reality is that it is difficult for you to lose weight on longer rides as compared to shorter ones.  This is because, throughout a long ride, you need to be meticulous about replacing your body fluids with a lot of water and food which keeps you away from the significant weight loss.


7. You might get addicted to long rides.

Although sitting on a cozy couch for hours together is more inviting than riding a bike, still it can create a psyche wherein you will be committed to a cause and a rigorous activity. After you get out of the initial soreness and fatigue which ultimately improves, you might find yourself craving for all those endorphins and quiet hours for yourself. 


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