8 Ways To Make Your Bamboo Bike More Comfortable

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Cycling is one of the best sports of all times. While we push ourselves through a little pain and strive harder to better our lifestyle, let’s not forget that it gets a bit difficult after a while. However, we need to find ways to make the experience more comfortable. There is no need to stretch the body to its limit. Go for the long weekend rides but don’t bring the back or knee pain along. There are many ways which will make your bamboo bike more comfortable.

Read on as we tell you about a few tips and tricks, so your cycling experience is smooth as the ride.


1. Check your reach.

The key to making your bike comfortable is to check the reach, which is the horizontal distance of your bottom to the handlebars of your bamboo bike. If you have a shorter torso, you probably have to stretch too far which causes discomfort and might result in shoulder, back and neck pain or could even give you saddle sores. This could happen even when you’re not very flexible. 
So, one of the best ways to solve this problem is by decreasing the handle reach. This can be done by buying a shorter stem for your seat. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can try sliding your saddle forward. This will help in correcting the reach-distance but might alter your peddling. So understand your requirements and work upon the best option for you.


2. Check your handlebar height.

The handlebar height is just as important as your handle-saddle reach. Your comfort depends on your height is and how high your handle should be. You might be tempted to discard all the spacers and heighten the stem looking at your new shiny bike, but it is not a very good idea. This will cause a huge drop in your saddle and bars. 
This might look cool, but it can cause a lot of problems and surface discomfort. The lesser flexible you are, the higher are chances of you suffering from lower back pain. If you continue to ride in this position, it could put pressure on your arms and your wrists. So, one of the best solutions to any of your pain causing issues is to add a few spacers under the stem. It will raise the height of your handlebars by around a centimeter. However, it will amplify your comfort tremendously for longer rides.


3. Try a different saddle.

If you are suffering from pain in sensitive areas and are frantically looking for a savior, there are chances that there is something wrong between your seat and undercarriage. Though the thought of using your new bike’s provided saddle is tempting, you need to understand your requirements. A broad, spongy saddle is not always the most comfortable, as some people might think. The fits depend on individuality. Some like a cutaway center which helps in removing pressure in that area, while some prefer other arrangements. Don’t follow your friends blindly; choose a saddle that comforts you the most. 
Many brands and bike shops provide a trial for saddles while some measure and test you on a jig to prevent saddle sores. Don’t ride in pain, that is not why you purchased a bamboo bicycle!


4. Check your saddle height.

Once you have found the right saddle for yourself, you need to know how to position it. Increased height of a seat can cause the IT band syndrome which is a leading cause of knee pain in most cyclists. A saddle too low, on the other hand, can reduce chances of injuries but could affect your peddling efficiency. 
You can follow this trick to set the right height of your saddle. Measure the inside of your leg and subtract 10 centimeters. Now apply this measurement to your bike as the distance between the saddle top and center of the bottom bracket. Once you have got an idea of the right saddle height, you can make minor changes as per your body type and requirements.


5. Check your saddle angle.

One of the final ways to make sure you don’t suffer pain in your sensitive areas is to check the angle or tilt of your saddle. Especially when you spend extra time riding in low and aggressive positions, there are chances that you will suffer numbness in your nether regions. If this is your problem, lower the nose or the tip of your saddle in a way that is comfortable to you. It will reduce the pressure on that area. 
Also, if you tilt the nose of the saddle too much, you will find it difficult to push yourself back so you can stop yourself from falling off your bike. So, find the balance. It is important, just like the angles and heights.


6. Check the cleat position.

The way your feet and peddles connect is one of the most important contacts with your bike. So, if your foot is attached correctly to your bike, you will have an easy and smooth bike ride. A bamboo bike is very comfortable in this case, however, if your foot is attached to the peddle in the wrong position, it can cause problems in the ankle, knee, and hips. 
One of the best ways to find out whether the cleats are located correctly is by placing the ball of your foot in line with the cleats, angled straight. However, if you feel any discomfort while cycling ahead and feel the need to increase pressure to peddle faster, you can adjust as per your convenience.


7. Reduce tire pressure.

While you adjust all your other parts, understand your routes and increase or decrease your tire pressure. Low pressure will help you on rough roads. You can also use wider tires. It allows a better volume of air that lead to better quality of rides. 
You should also invest in mudguards. These won’t help you in getting over any pain but will surely keep your back and bum warm during rainy days. There are a lot of clip-on mudguards available on the market. However, if you don’t want to spoil the sleek look of your bicycle, you can get yourself the Ass Saver and RRP Rearguard that you can clip under your saddle. It will keep you dry without making can modifications on your bamboo bike.


8. Build your own Bamboo Bike!

By building your own bamboo bike, you can make sure that every part is fitted and put together as per your comfort and convenience. This way, you do not have to find options and adjustments on your readymade bicycle. 

Getting a bicycle that is comfortable for you in every way will turn out to be the best decision of your life. You will probably never face any health issues due to cycling. If you are looking to build one but not sure where to start, check out our BIY workshops.

 These eight tips can help you re-assemble and make adjustments in your bamboo bike so you can ride along with comfort. If you want to know more about our readymade bamboo bicycles, check our the other posts on the Bamboobee blog. We are sure you will find everything you need!

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