9 Apps Every Cyclist Should Have On Their Smartphone

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If you’re a cyclist living in today’s modern world, you’ve probably wondered whether there are any cool smartphone apps specifically for cyclists – and if so, whether they could help you.

To make things a little easier for you with such a wide variety to choose from, we’ve rounded up ten apps that every cyclist should have on their phone to help them with everything from cycling stats to nutrition to fitness.


1. Strava


Strava is used by cyclists and runners all over the world to track their activities, compare their performance, share photos and updates, and even compete against others. You can compare your results to your friends’, or take part in a challenge that will get you a shiny new badge for your profile.

In addition to the fun-focused elements of the app, it’s also a great place to get an in-depth look at your progress as an athlete, as you’ll have all your stats, charts and more – all in one place. If you have a GPS tracking device or smartwatch, you can also sync your maps for each ride.


2. Map My Ride

(iOS and Android, Free)

Map My Ride is a cycling app that allows riders to track their cycling workouts as well as tracking their favourite routes. You can also search for bike maps local to you, which is great if you’re not sure where to ride your bike and are looking for inspiration.

You can also take part in virtual challenges and potentially earn rewards, as well as finding advice on training plans and nutrition.


3. Bike Repair

(iOS and Android, $3.99 USD)

The Bike Repair app is an essential for any bike owner. It includes 58 repair tutorials and 95 other tips and tricks to ensure the maintenance of your bike. Being able to fix your own bike means you’ll save money on repair costs and parts. It also means you’ll be able to prepare your bike for any scenario without having to consult a bike shop or professional.

The app also offers advice on cycling attire, weather and reference points, as well as allowing the user to store information about their bike, parts, tasks and maintenance history.


4. Bike Gear Calculator


Bike Gear Calculator is a must have app for cyclists, mechanics, racers – and anyone who works with or uses bikes! After customising the app to match the specs of your bike, you can select your cadence, crank length, tire size and other factors to determine your ideal gear ratio, gain ratio, pedal rotations, speed and more.

As a result, you’ll be able to see whether the gears you’ve set up are actually suited to your bike and vice versa, so you can make changes where necessary and improve your cycling experience.


5. Weather App

choose from, depending on your platform and location, so take a look at your app store to find one that works for you. We recommend that all cyclists have a weather app on their phone so they’ll always know what to expect when heading outside. By checking the weather beforehand, you can make sure you’re properly dressed and prepare your bike for any eventuality.


6. My Fitness Pal


My Fitness Pal is an app for tracking your healthy habits, such as eating a balanced diet. Cyclists often prefer to follow a strict nutrition plan that allows their body to reach its optimum potential, as well as ensuring they have enough fuel in their system for the road ahead.

Users can track their food intake and count more than just calories – you can also keep an eye on protein content, carbs, fat, sugar and more to ensure you’re making the right choices for your needs.


7. Viewranger


Viewranger is a GPS app for smartphones, specifically aimed at cyclists. You’ll get to enjoy thousands of trail guides and maps while navigating your rides, all from within one simple app. You can even use it to share your rides and inspire others on their own routes too.

Not only is it ideal for route planning, but it also features offline navigation using your device’s GPS system, so you’ll be able to find your way – even without mobile data.


8. First Aid


There are several first aid apps available for both iOS and Android platforms that will tell you exactly what to do in the event first aid becomes necessary. Although your best bet in a serious situation is to call a doctor or ambulance, a first aid app can be useful when dealing with minor cuts and scrapes on the trail, especially if you’re a long way from the nearest town or hospital.


9. Dirt School

If you feel like trying out something new, give the Dirt School Mountain Bike Skills app a try. You can use it to further develop your cycling technique – almost as if you have a mountain bike coach inside your phone! Each guide tells you what to look for and how to practice each skill, helping to ensure you’re learning the right way.


No matter what type of cycling you do, we’re sure that some of the apps listed above will have what you need – and maybe you’ll even learn something new too! Give them a try and see which ones you like, you never know how a little extra info could enhance your cycling lifestyle.

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