9 Cool Ways To Customize Your Bike

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There are plenty of things you can do, to customize your bike and make it look more stunning and trendier. Here are the top 9 ways to get you started!


1. Colorful Components and Elements

Whether you like your bike to be super-organized, or love to make it a bit jazzy; adding some colorful components like cranks, pedals, or stems is always a great idea.

You can get a huge variety of colorful and jazzy accessories in a range of colors including green, blue and purple. However, they are not the only ones available in the market. You can also get a lot of metallic accessories and ones in bright hues.


2. Custom Made Bright Labels

Want to customize your bike with more than just colors?  Then you can opt for the beautiful and colorful stickers for your bike frames.  You can get some attractive labels and accessories for the forks and wheels. These accessories come in a variety of colors. So, you can customize your bike in the most offbeat manner.


3. Design Your Own Vinyl Labels

If you are a super creative person with a lot of ideas in mind, why not customize your bike on your own? You can buy an array of different patterns, articles, and elements which you can use to design your bike accessories by yourself.


4. Use the Spray Paint for Some Funkiness

9 Cool Ways To Customize Your Bike

Bored with the monotonous shaded bicycle frame? Then you can change it right away! You will need to prepare the frame either by removing the original paint or by cleaning and sanding the previous paint.

Apart from the obvious solid color options, you have a massive scope for executing your creativity here. Try the two color ombre fade effect or buy a decorative masking tape to design a pattern and then spray over on the top to create a shading.


5. Bring in Some Jazzy Stickers

Stickers are the easiest ways to customize your bike. It requires minimal skill, time, money, and effort. It also looks amazing on kid’s bicycles, or on your pub or commuter bike. In the market, you can get lots of different bike stickers which have everything from flowers to badges and motivational messages.


6. Various Colored Spokes

Black or silver strips may look too monotonous and boring after a point! In this case, you can customize your bike with the multicolored spokes! They are available in titanium shades for the exclusive mountain bikes and BMX bikes. These spokes add a subtle flash of color which looks amazingly good on attractive black bikes.


7. Funky Stem Caps

Chances are, you will spend much time looking for accessories for your bike stem.  So, why not customize your bike with a funky stem cap yourself? You can use some trendy pictures like sugar skulls or mountains or encouraging quotes and slogans.  Some may also like to get a clock attached to the stem


8. Vibrant Bar Tapes, Grips, and Hoods

You don’t need to stick to the old school plain old black color on your handlebars. You can use your creativity and use any color which you love to customize your bike.  In case you love subtle colors and shades combined with black, then you can also go for a plain black or white bar tape with a contrasting color tape stuck upon it.


9. Use Your Freestyle with Paint Pens and Brushes

If you want to get utmost creative and have the skill to match your ideas, then customize your bike with by using your freehand skills and painting it directly on your frame. However, we recommend that you should first sketch out the design before time, and then lightly trace it onto the frame. Once you feel that you have prepared it for painting, you can use fine paint brushes or paint pens to make it final. You also need to use some lacquer for coating it from above to keep the paint intact.


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Till then, keep cycling, stay fit and stay happy!

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