9 Exciting Cycling Tours In Europe

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Is cycling your passion or your hobby? Have you ever thought of taking a cycling tour down the beautiful terrains of Europe? If yes, then take a look at these fabulous cycling tours in Europe for an amazing adventure!


1. Take a refreshing ride In Algarve.

In the seasons of spring and autumn, the cooler temperatures and coastal breezes of Portugal are perfect for a cycle ride.  Algarve is a lesser known destination based in Monte Gordo and has an awesome climate with scenic beauty. Cyclists can ride around 25km per day on the wonderful coastal paths and explore the secret beaches and tiny islands. The organizers will also arrange a variety of local food and wine for making the tour more special.


2. Make the most from the Dubrovnik cycling tour.

For those who are looking for a more challenging trip, this trip to the Balkan region is a perfect pick. It offers a decent route of about 80km covered each day. The tour includes various villages, vineyards and the magnificent ways of Dinaric Alps. On this incredibly beautiful route, you get also get a chance to spend some beach time on the Dalmatian coast and the island of Korčula.


3. Indulge in a scenic cycling tour from Granada to Seville.

If you are attracted towards the Spanish wonders, then this guided cycling tour is a must for you. It is a nine-day long trip which takes you through Córdoba, Granada, and Seville; the three famous cities with distinct cultures and attractions. This tour will not at all take a toll on your endurance as it proceeds with a medium speed and you get to enjoy a lot of leisure time. On this tour, the tourists will travel approximately 21km and 59km every day along with regular breaks at famous spots.


4. Take an exciting cycling tour from Passau to Belgrade.

Indulge in this exciting tour from Passau, Germany, to some of central Europe’s fabulous cities, like Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, and end the tour at Belgrade. Other highlights of this tour include the canyon of the Iron Gates, The National Park, and the Esztergom Basilica and so on. You can expect around 40 to 50 km cycling every day in this cycle tour and also a number of explorations on the way.


5. Celebrate the Italian romance on a cycling tour from Mantua to Verona.

Have you ever imagined a cycling adventure through the wonderful Italian cities of Mantua and Verona? On this tour, travelers get to cycle between 20 and 40 km per day, along the Minicio River, the wonderful Lake Garda, Peschiera, and also explore the country park of Sigurtà. While on this tour, you will get to explore a number of unexplored gems on the Italian land and also enjoy some leisure time in the cities.


6. Ride through the scenic French Alps.

Spend a long weekend on a cycle tour to the French Alps. This trip starts from and ends at Morzine. You can spend days cycling in the fantastic mountains, forests, alpine meadows, valleys, and cliffs. The tour goes through excellent roads which have a number of cafes and restaurants for relaxing. So, be ready for a memorable cycling tour down the alps terrains with breathtaking views and scenic beauty.


7. Enjoy some Bavarian cycling time.

This eight-day tour takes you through the beautiful views of the Bavarian mountains, rivers, pine forests and hilltop castles. During this tour, you can cover up to 45 km per day. The tour starts and finishes in Regensburg which is a medieval town located on the banks of the Danube. This tour offers you a range of delicious food and accommodation for giving you utmost leisure and adventure.


8. Ride through the shores of Trieste to Pula.

This seven-night tour takes you through three countries, starting from river Trieste, riding down the entire coastline of 43 km and finishes at Pula. Other stops in this tour include spectacular medieval and Venetian towns like Koper, Novigrad, and Rovinj. You also get to live at the spa towns, taste delicious seafood and travel at a comfortable pace of 45 km.


9. Explore the beautiful forests and lakes of Sweden’s Sörmland.

Sörmland is located at south-west of Stockholm and is one of Sweden’s most idyllic locations in this region with rolling hills, lakes and quaint villages with bright wooden houses. In this tour, you can explore the traditional Swedish culture and folklore, taste traditional local food and stroll around the vibrant port town of Nyköping.


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