9 Reasons Why Everyone Should Ride To Work

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Today, there are a lot of developments on the road for people to cycle on. Separate cycling tracks are made in almost all parts of the world, and there are many parking spots meant just for cycles. However, still, not many people use their bicycles to ride to work. Cycling has many benefits that not only helps you in the betterment of your health and lifestyle but also help the environment. There are uncountable advantages of cycling. In fact, if you ride to work, you will see much positivity entering your life.

Here are nine reasons why everyone should ride to work every day.


1. Fun!

Cycling is a fun, simple and very personal experience. Most of the times, it reminds you of your childhood and the neighborhood you grew up in. Biking allows you to relax your body and mind while ensuring a daily exercise routine. When you cycle to work, you will be able to hear the chirping of birds, enjoy the blissfully sunny morning and greet other people in your surroundings. This will help you make more friends and keep in touch with society.


2. Fitness

9 Reasons Why Everyone Should Ride To Work

Cycling is good for your health. You can burn calories the way you want to. You can go comfortably with your riding pace or get as intense as you wish. However, this sport is better than other activities like jogging or running because it puts your entire body to work. Cycling improves your cardiovascular fitness, lowers blood pressure, builds muscle and boosts energy. It also enhances body coordination. When you cycle to work every day, you are able to sneak a little workout in your daily routine, without stressing about it.


3. Happiness

Cycling makes you happier. Just like how bike riding helps in making your physical body content, it makes you mentally happy. This activity mentally calms you down and refreshes your inner peace of mind. It will also help you navigate congested roads quickly, without having to wait until the traffic clears out. It will also reduce your stress, help you sleep better and relieve you from depression or anxiety. Research proves that cycling boosts self-confidence and improves one’s overall mood efficiently.


4. Brain-power

If you cycle to work, you will get smarter with time. Well, this will not happen overnight, but research proves that daily exercise can prevent cognitive decline and sharpens memory. It also improves learning ability and overall brain performance. So cycle down to work and complete the daily required training for a healthy lifestyle.


5. Money

Biking saves much money. If you cycle to work, you can reduce the cost of gasoline and motor oil drastically! It will additionally also lower the vehicle maintenance cost, occasional repair cost, parking cost, etc. You will also not have to spend money on public transport like trains, taxis, buses, etc.


6. Fresh air

As we all know, motor vehicles release smoke that adds up to the greenhouse gases on our planet. So you can say that a solo driver in an average North American vehicle releases about 1.2 pounds of C02 per mile, but the average cyclist releases only 0.7 grams, that too through respiration.


7. Convenience

One of the most common misconceptions about going on a cycle to work is that it is inconvenient. However, there cannot be something more annoying than spending a few minutes each day, looking for a good parking spot or getting stuck in a traffic block. However, when you go on a cycle, you can easily find a parking spot and reduce the travel time each day. You can attach a saddle bag to carry your work materials.


8. Safety

9 Reasons Why Everyone Should Ride To Work

These days, cyclists are safer on the road.

A study from the University of New South Wales, in 2008 determined that biking safety is a good cycle. More the number of people riding a bike in a city, lesser the number of collisions between drivers and people riding. This is because drivers become more careful seeing a high number of people on a cycle, improving road safety for every person.


9. Freedom

When you cycle, you feel a sense of freedom! It brings back the child in you, and you fly across the memory lane of happiness. It helps you breathe out relief from the traffic and daily vehicular congestion and parking block. You get a chance to explore the city in new ways. Cycling brings new energy to you, and you do not seem to be stressed in life anymore. When you cycle to work, you will feel refreshed and would want to communicate with more people. You will become friends, and people will look up to you for your vibrant attitude towards life.


Thus, cycle to work every day! It will bring out the goodness in you. If you are planning to buy a bicycle, check out our Bamboo Bicycles. These cycles are made of bamboo which gives them sturdiness and flexibility at the same time and is suitable for all types of terrains.

We also provide a Build-Your-Own-Bike option. This will help you to customize and modify your bike as per your convenience. Own the perfect wellness formula and ride along!

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