9 Things You Should Remember While Cycling In Summer

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It is getting hot outside, but passionate bikers cannot hide in their houses. If biking is your passion, you can beat the heat and follow it during hot summers as well. You just need to take care of a few things, assemble some necessary stuff, take precautions so that you can be fit even for the next time.

Here are some tips for you to enjoy your cycling in summer, during the bright & hot weather.


1. Stay Hydrated

Having enough water while cycling will help you the most in summers. Cycling is a rigorous physical activity, and your body tries to keep itself cool via excessive sweating. So, you must make sure that you carry some extra flasks of water with ice cubes to keep yourself fresh for long. Drink little water or drinks with electrolytes at a time but do it frequently, as not having enough hydration while riding can cause cramping, energy loss, and dehydration. Also look for some roadside cafes or shops on the route where you can stop for a refreshing drink.


2. Have Enough Nutrition

It’s a common habit to not eat on hot days and survive on coolers, juices, and soups. However, when you hop out of the house for a cycle ride, you need to avoid this habit and keep snacking some high carbohydrate foods. You can go for mixed dry fruits, fresh fruits like apple, bananas, melons which are high in water content, energy bars, etc. Pack it in your tiffin and keep it handy all the time- these will help you maintain energy and enhance your stamina.


3. Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is everyone’s savior in summer. Moreover, when it comes to riding a bicycle, it should be applied before and carried along in the bag without fail! Riding without sunscreen can cause sunburns and discomfort and itchiness to the skin. Also, it is better if you use waterproof lotion to ensure that it stays for long, and apply it carefully on your face, feet, arms and back to safeguard yourself from the sunburns.


4. Slow Down With Your Speed

Riding fast in summers is not a good idea! If you ride fast in hot weather, you will be exhausted sooner than usual. So, if you are not in a race and wish to go out on a leisure countryside ride, then it is good to keep the speed low and regulate energy expenditure. Take frequent breaks in the roadside shadows, or cafes so that you remain fresh. Also try to take your ride on early mornings, or in the evenings, so that the sun would not bother you so much!


5. Prefer Lightweight Clothing

Wear lightweight clothes with high sweat-wicking properties, ventilation mesh panels, full-length zips so that you can have as much cooling on your body as possible. Also, do not ignore your feet or hands. Wear thin socks, and which are not too tight or thick.


6. Wear Sunglasses

Riding in summer can be dangerous for your eyes. UV rays can also cause a long-time problem for them. Therefore, keep a good quality sunglass pair with dark lenses which can eliminate the excess light from reaching your eyes and will make your ride way more easier.


7. Keep Your Head Safe

Helmets are the ultimate need to provide you with safety and comfort while cycling. The venting makes sure that you get fresh air wafted to the top of your head as well as it protects you from the roasting sun above. Carrying and wearing a helmet is a necessary thing to do when you set your foot out for cycling in summer.


8. Avoid The Sunniest Hours of the Day

One way to make sure that you are safe from harmful sun rays is to plan a ride when it is not too hot. Avoid the hottest time of the day and either start early or in the late afternoons when the sun gets dimmer. This way, you will be able to enjoy your ride at the time when it is cooler. As the days are longer in the summer, you have plenty of time to plan out a nice long cycling ride with your friends. Planning as per the right time is even more essential if you are choosing an open countryside location or the tough mountain terrains because in that case, you can face some excess heat.


 9. Make a Plan

Last, but not at all the least, you should make a perfect plan for the route you are going to take for the ride. Preferably take the road which you know, but if you want to take a new route, then take some exact information about that route. You should ideally know where the shops, cafes or sources of water, repairing centers are located on that route so that in case of need you can instantly reach for help. Planning a road with shortcut options to your starting point in case of emergency is always a wise thing to do.


Having listed these things which passionate riders must remember while taking a bicycle ride in these bright summers, here is one more thing to add a style, charm, and uniqueness to your journey- stylish and comfortable bamboo bicycles to make you stand out from the crowd. They are trendy, they are super-comfortable, and you can also customize them as per your choice!

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