Bamboo Maintenance: How to Take Care of your Bamboobee Bicycle

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As you probably already know, all of the bikes we offer at Bamboobee are made mostly from bamboo – including our pre-made bikes as well as the Build Your Own Bike kit.

If you’re not familiar with bamboo, its nature and how to take care of it now is your chance to learn more and ensure you’re doing the best you can to maintain your Bamboobee bicycle.


Cracks in your Bamboo Bicycle Frame

One of the things many people associate with bamboo is the fact it’s prone to cracking, so you may be worried as to whether your bike could break as a result of the cracks.

Rest assured, although bamboo loves to crack, it will not break from the pressure. A crack is essentially a form of tension relief for the bamboo, and once it’s cracked it will not crack again or break completely.

To maintain your bamboo bicycle and reduce the appearance of these cracks, you can fill them in using a crack filler made especially for bamboo.


The Bamboobee Crack Filler


The Bamboobee Crack Filler is an upgrade option which you can find in the ‘Accessories’ section of our store. It is currently just $14.90 (usually $19.00) and allows you to repair any cracks in your bamboo bike frame. This is formulated specifically for bamboo, rather than simply cracks in any material, so you can be certain it will do the job in the correct way and leave your bamboo looking good as new.


General Maintenance

Much of the general maintenance of your Bamboobee bicycle will be the same as you’d expect on any other bike, such as ensuring the joints are in good condition, replacing your tyres as needed, preventing rust on metallic areas and of course keeping your bike clean to reduce signs of wear and tear.


Why bamboo?

Now you know how you can maintain a bamboo bike – despite it being prone to issues such as cracking, you can enjoy the benefits of having a bamboo bike. If you don’t already know why having a bamboo bicycle could be a great choice, here are just a few reasons to consider.

  • Bamboo absorbs vibrations very well, helping to give you a much smoother ride throughout your journey.
  • It’s easy to maintain – the only issue being the cracks which we’ve outlined above, and filling them in is easy!
  • It’s a better choice for the environment, considering bamboo is a sustainable plant that releases around 35 percent more CO2 into the atmosphere than the average tree.
  • Bamboo can even absorb greenhouse gases, preventing them from harming the surrounding environment.
  • It’s the ideal option for anyone who’s looking to live a greener lifestyle and be kinder to the environment.
  • A bamboo bike will stand out among the others, making a real statement as you cycle through your town or city.
  • Bamboo is long lasting, and could be preserved for around fifteen years with the correct maintenance. Metal bikes, on the other hand, may rust during such a long period.
  • A frame made from bamboo will be extremely strong. In some places, bamboo is actually used as scaffolding on buildings, showing just how strong it can be.
  • But as well as its strength, bamboo is also flexible. You may not have realised that all bikes – even metal ones – move as you do and are flexible to an extent, shaping themselves to suit your ride. Bamboo is great for this as it’s naturally malleable.
  • Bamboo bikes often come in the form of a kit – such as the Bamboobee Build Your Own Bike kit, which gives you a project to enjoy as well as a brand new bike. This makes it a great choice for anyone with a love of creating things from scratch.
  • The kits also mean that bamboo bikes are completely customisable, allowing you to create one that’s perfect for your needs.
  • You’ll get to be part of a growing a trend – a pioneer of the movement towards greener bikes made from bamboo that stand out from the norm.


Don’t yet have a bamboo bicycle? Consider the range here at Bamboobee.

If you like the sound of owning a bamboo bicycle but don’t yet have one, you may wish to take a look at the range of products we offer here at

Our range includes three pre-made bicycles (the Phoenix Sonata, the Ladies Mi Bamboo Bike and the Nostalgic Bike) which range from $799.00 to $1,499.00.

These are a great way to instantly get started with a bamboo bike, as it’ll be all setup and ready to go.

However, we also offer the Build it Yourself Kit (currently $209.00, usually $239.00) and the Build it Yourself 2.0 kit (currently $299.00, usually $329.00), both of which allow you to create your ideal customised bamboo bike from a selection of parts.

Our BIY 2 Builder Jig allows you to create any type of bamboo bike, for example, a mountain bike, a ladies’ bike, a classic bike or a kids bike, making it perfectly suitable to your needs.


If you’d like to learn about Bamboo bicycles from Bamboobee, take a further look around our site or get in touch if you have any questions at all. We’ll be happy to help you choose the best bamboo bike for your lifestyle.

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