Beginner Tips for Cycling with The Kids

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The weather is now nice enough to go crazy about your outdoor activities. It is time to head out in your bikes and explore new roads and places. Contrary to popular opinion that cycling is an activity done alone, it is an exciting and fun way to spend quality time with your family and little ones.


Getting out with the family for a fun ride has healing properties that can elevate your mood and attitude during bus times. To help you with your family biking session, we are here with top tips for cycling with kids:


1. Functional bikes for all

It is important that all the members of your family have a bike while heading out to spend time with each other. The bikes must be fully serviced and in proper condition. The bikes don’t have to be expensive but must run smoothly without spoiling the trip for you. Some of the basics are ticking these off your checklist, change the height of a saddle, fix a puncture or adjust brakes on the go. Another valuable tip is to let the strongest cyclist have the food, water, and supplies so that your kid is well protected for the outdoor adventure. 


2. Pack up the right kit

Making sure you have the right kit can make you feel safe and let you have fun without worrying about your kid’s safety. A few things to always remember, check the brakes on your kid’s bike, suitable helmet, comfortable clothing according to the weather, and a good kickstand to help you balance your bike. Although, you must never leave your child in the seat without you on the bike. 


3. Trailer or Balance bike

In case your child isn’t one of the cyclists, it is then time for you to consider other alternatives, perhaps a bike seat or a trailer. A bike seat will restrict your attention to the safety of your child seating behind and worry you constantly. Trailers, on the other hand, have two or three wheels and get fixed to the back of your bike. They have great storage capacity, stability, and warmth for your child and it often folds flat to fit into your car as well. Balance bike could be a fun and safe way for your child to learn cycling, preferably suitable for a day at the park. 


4. Pick an appropriate route

A friendly route will benefit you and your family to a great extent. Choose from the landscapes, an entertaining route filled with surprises and adventure for your family. Bridle paths are the safest way to enjoy a traffic-free ride while giving you time to explore your cycling. 


5. Fun Stops

And of course, do not forget to make a few fun stops on your way. A local ice cream van or a beautiful spot to take breaks can be a great way to motivate your folks. 

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