Don’t Expect To Be The Best Right Away: Here’s Why You Should Cycle Regardless Of Your Ability

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No matter what you strive to do, it’s only natural that you’d want to be the very best at it. Unfortunately, that can result in a downfall, as many people tend to quit new interests too soon as they feel like they’re not quite good enough.

But don’t fall into the trap of thinking this way, especially when it comes to cycling! Even if you’re not so great to start with, you’d be surprised at what the right training could do to improve your skills. Here’s why you should continue to cycle, regardless of your ability.


There are lots of easy ways to build up your technique.

No one can be the best at anything right away. The first step is to accept where you are. Then, you can work out how to improve and build up your technique. There are a number of ways to do this, including interval training (cycling at high intensity a little more each time), taking part in other workouts to strengthen your body for long rides, and even learning more about cycling nutrition to help you work harder and recover faster.

However you decide to do it, you can be sure that you won’t be stuck in one place forever, you’ll soon notice an improvement as you practice.


Every time you train, you’ll be taking a step towards bigger goals.

Every time you train, you’ll be taking a step towards bigger goals.

Every time you head out on your bike, you are making progress – even on the days, it doesn’t feel like it. With the work you’re putting in now, you’re getting closer and closer to the bigger goals you’ve set your sights on.


No one is judging you – we promise.

One of your main worries when starting something new is what others may think of you. If you’re not feeling confident in your cycling technique yet, you may be afraid that others will laugh or think you’re not good enough.

But honestly, that isn’t the case. The cycling community is very welcoming and will be thrilled to cycle past someone new who also has a love of bikes. As for everyone else, it’s far more likely that they’ll think ‘good for you’ rather than ridicule your ride. No one is judging you, so get out there and be yourself!


Cycling is about more than simply being the best.

You may see the top cyclists and wish you could be like them, but cycling is about so much more than simply being fast and winning races. Here are just a few things you could focus on instead:

  • Cycling is a way to travel without harming the environment – whilst also getting you from A to B faster than by walking. Those two wheels can take you far!
  • Cycling is a great way to make friends. You could do it with your friend or partner, with a group of friends, or even join a local cycling club to meet new people with a shared interest.
  • Cycling is a chance to learn more about your town or city and see it in a whole new light. As you transport yourself around by bike, you’re bound to notice things you’d never noticed before.
  • Cycling is appropriate for people of any age or fitness level, making it an accessible way to stay active.


It’s a lot of fun.

Another great point is that cycling is more than just a sport or a method of transportation – it’s a lot of fun too! You’ll get to enjoy the excitement and exhilaration of cycling, as well as the great feeling that comes along with seeing yourself improve and beating your own personal bests. Just relax and take each ride as it comes.


It’ll keep you fitter and healthier than if you didn’t do it at all.

It’ll keep you fitter and healthier than if you didn’t do it at all.

When you’re just starting out, any physical activity is going to help to keep you fitter and healthier than you were before. This is the beginning of your journey to an improved body, mind and fitness level that can help you fight illnesses, feel healthier and live longer.


You’re still a better cyclist than everyone at home on the couch.

Even if you were the worst possible cyclist in the world, you’d still be doing so much better than everyone who’s thought about cycling but haven’t left their couch. By getting up and being active, you’re making the right choice and putting your health first – and that’s something you should be proud of. Keep it up and spread a good example. Hopefully, you’ll encourage more people to live a more active lifestyle too!


So with those points in mind, are you really going to let your ability hold you back? Keep at it, and in just a few weeks or months you’ll be shocked at how far you’ve come – and you’ll continue to make progress after that too!

Even if you’re not ready to compete with the top cyclists, that doesn’t make you any less of a cyclist yourself. So go ahead and enjoy riding your bike and remember to go at your own pace. You’ll soon be right where you want to be.


In the mean time, check out more of our advice here on the Bamboobee blog, or take a look at our product range if you’re in the market for a new bike or some cool new accessories. We’re here to help anytime, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need us!

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