Everything You Need To Know About The Singapore Cycling Federation

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If you’re a cyclist in Singapore, you may have heard a little bit about the Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF) – or perhaps simply heard the name around the cycling community online, or from your friends.

But what exactly is it? Let’s find out!


The Singapore Cycling Federation

The Singapore Cycling Federation is one of Singapore’s National Sports Associations. It was initiated in 1958 with the goal of encouraging more people to give cycling a try, resulting in the development of cycling culture throughout the city-state.

The Federation is recognized by the Singapore Sports Council as being the national governing body for cycling. It is also affiliated with a number of associations including:

  • The Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC)
  • The Asean Cycling Association (ACA)
  • The Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC)
  • And the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)!

Additionally, the Singapore Cycling Federation is a charity and also an IPC – Institution of Public Character.


So, what does the Singapore Cycling Federation actually do?

Let’s go into a little more detail. In addition to promoting cycling in Singapore, the Singapore Cycling Federation has plenty of other responsibilities too.

Firstly, it’s up to the SCF to provide licenses to competitive cyclists, sanction local cycling events and ensure that all events are in compliance with Union Cycliste International events worldwide – when Singaporean cyclists and teams are registered.

Multiple cycling disciplines are supported by the SCF, including:

  • Time Trial (Road)
  • Track
  • Mountain Bike (MTB)
  • BikeTrial
  • And BMX.

This ensures that all cyclists and teams looking to compete professionally are able to acquire the correct licensing.

More recently, the Singapore Cycling Federation has an updated primary mandate, targeting 2016 – 2020. During that time, the organisation hopes to bring focus to concerns of Singapore’s cycling population, and address these concerns. Outreach channels will also be built upon, for example using social media to promote cycling to Singapore residents.

Safety will still be important, with the SCF setting a goal of a safe cycling culture.

Events will continue to be hosted, inspiring the Singapore spirit!

Finally, there will be opportunities for development within the cycling community in terms of competency and capability, ensuring that cycling becomes as accessible as possible.

Some of these plans have already come into effect, so keep an eye on what’s going on in your area. We hope you’ll begin to see some cycling related happenings soon if you haven’t already!


The Singapore Cycling Federation also offers plenty of safety information, event updates and even courses!

The SCF site is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about cycling. Read on to learn about what the site can offer! Head on over to cycling.org.sg to get started!



Not only does the SCF provide licensing for events, it also allows you to check up on all of the events coming soon in Singapore.

Click on ‘Events’ in the nav bar and you’ll be able to choose which type of event you’re looking for. After making your selection, you’ll be provided with a list of all upcoming events, as well as links to the appropriate information and registration sites should you wish to take part.

Why not take a look and see what’s new? Not only is entering a race a great personal challenge, it’s also a way to get more involved with the cycling community and meet new, like minded people.



Clicking on the ‘Courses’ tab will take you to a list of upcoming courses in Singapore, alongside all relevant information such as their running dates, registration closing dates, course details and registration forms.

One option is to train as a coach. You’ll learn everything you need to conduct the Singapore Cycle Safe programme and will gain a SG-Coach certificate issued by the SFC and Sport Singapore.


SG Cycle Safe

The Singapore Cycle Safe Programme is designed to teach the skills and knowledge that a cyclist would need to manoeuvre the paths and roads at a Singapore cycling event.

As you complete the course, you’ll learn all about equipment safety checks, personal safety checks, cycling environment, checking for potential hazards and cycle activity.

At the end, you’ll receive a certificate that shows you know how to cycle safely in Singapore.

The programme was created to help make cycling more accessible and promote it to everyone, as well as giving people a chance to refine and upgrade their cycling skill set.

Now you know that the Singapore Cycling Federation is working hard to create a great cycling culture and community in Singapore, we hope you’ll have a chance to be impressed by the results! To stay updated on their work and achievements – as well as all things cycling related in Singapore – check out their site!

Being based in Singapore, we recognise the hard work that the Singapore Cycling Federation does and we love the idea of more and more people becoming part of the cycling community. Anything that helps people live a healthier and more active lifestyle can only be a good thing!


If you’ve been inspired by the work of the Singapore Cycling Federation or simply love the idea of giving cycling a try, don’t hesitate to get started. You’ll be happy you did! And if you don’t yet have a bike of your own, feel free to check out our range of bamboo bicycles – including the one you can build yourself!

And as always, you’re welcome to learn more about cycling, the culture and the community by checking out the rest of our posts here on the blog.

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