How to Build Your Own Bike Without Going Broke

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Avid biking enthusiasts and those who are looking to follow their hobby of biking passionately will realize how satisfying it is to build your own bike. Many bike lovers think that building a bike by themselves will cost them much and there is a chance of some error. However, this is not true! Building your bike can be affordable and easy if you follow a few simple steps.

Here we will tell you how to build your own bike without going broke!


Choose the right frame.

Get started by choosing kind of bike you wish to build and then choose the frame accordingly. Since you are looking for an affordable bike, you can say no to the high-priced material frames like carbon-fiber or titanium and select bamboo frames. Choose the right size and also remember to check whether the frame can be customized as per your requirements. Also, do not buy old, used frames for building your bike as this will reduce its durability.


Choose the right fork.

Like the frame, you also need to choose the right kind of fork for your bike. It should suit the type of bike be it a road bike, a BMX, or a mountain bike. While choosing your fork, also think about your frame material. If you have an aluminum frame, then it is light and rigid; however, steel is heavier and suppler so choose your fork accordingly.


Choose the right headset.

The headset is a set of bearings, cups, and races that connects the fork and the frame. It enables your front wheel to twist and turn. Nowadays, most of the headset bearings are sealed bearings and usually have higher quality than unsealed bearings.

Sealed bearings have inners and outers press-fitted around the bearing, and a rubber or plastic seal is placed on top to give a finished look to your bicycle. On the other hand, unsealed bearings tend to last a little longer as you can clean and grease them. Here you can choose according to your budget. You have a wide variety of headset brands like Chris King, Phil Woods, Paul Components, and Cane Creek.


Choose the right stem.

You need to buy a stem which fits appropriately around your steer tube. Also, make sure that you buy a stem that accommodates the size of your handlebars. There is plenty of variety available in the market, and you can choose your right one according to your budget.


Choose the right handlebars, shifters, and brake levers.

The handlebars are very important for building a perfect bike. Road bicycles usually have drop bars, while the mountain bicycles have flat bars. The type of bars will also decide what kind of shifters and brake levers are right for you.


Choose the right wheels and tires.

Bike wheels are made up of a hub, a rim, nipples, and spokes. Remember that bicycle tires are the things that touch the road. So it’s important that you don’t compromise on quality here. There are so many options available on the market to choose the one that fits your requirements and budget.


Choose the right seat post.

First of all, see whether you are choosing the right size that is well-matched with the seat tube on your frame. After that, select the right material from steel, aluminum or carbon fiber. Carbon is expensive and hard to repair, steel will not break, is easy to fix, and also is less costly. Do your research with your available options and choose wisely.


Choose the right the crankset & gearing.

Choose between the single, double, triple, gear inches according to the type of bike. For example; the mountain bikes usually have a vast range of gears especially on the low end which enables the riders to climb all on the hills. Choosing the appropriate gearset is essential because it will determine what you can do with your bicycle, and also it affects your budget for building your bike.


Building a bike by yourself will make a worthy addition to your knowledge. You will be more aware of your bike and can quickly fix the problems in case of emergency and also, it will boost your confidence as a rider!

If you are anxious about finding the right frame or parts for your bike, explore what Bamboobee has to offer. We offer the DIY bike kit with all the premium quality spare parts, accessories and also a guide which helps you to build your bike. You only need to assemble the parts in the right manner and there you go! You will have your bike ready for a ride!

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