How to Manage Cycling During Periods

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Hopping on a bicycle must be the last thing you will ever think while on your periods. But guess what, cycling during periods is actually helpful in a lot of ways. Does this sound crazy? Well, that’s not!

Read on to know why cycling can be your period’s next best friend and how you can manage the same!


1. Cycling helps in relieving the pains of period cramps.

According to the experts and gynecologists, the aerobic exercises which increase your heart rate are the best for relieving period cramps. Cycling falls under that category. It prevents your muscles from getting inflexible and manages to relieve the pains of period cramps.


2. You can also have an indoor option.

You cannot afford accidents while on a period, right? Then you also have an option of stationary cycling. The stationary bikes provide you with the luxury of safe and easy exercise at home without having to leave the indoors.


3. It tones your body and reduces your mood swings.

Period pains and mood swings should not stop you from having fun with your bike. Did you know that cycling burns more calories and gives you greater energy levels? It wires your brain to release dopamine which triggers the feel-good factor in your body. You may start feeling uplifted and calmer after a ride during your periods.


4. Cycling can make you less vulnerable to period pains.

Some of the unknown advantages of cycling during periods include joint mobility, improved muscle strength, mobility, better posture, and stronger bones. This will reduce your muscle ache over time you as pedal during periods.


So are your ready to hop on your bike and get started with your rides? Here are a few tips which will guide you exactly how to manage cycling during periods.


1. Use tampons.

Tampons are the most obvious form of sanitary protection which is compatible with cycling during periods. You get a choice from options for heavy, regular or light bleeding. If you choose the right tampon, then you can easily indulge in a 3/4-hour ride without feeling the need to refresh your tampon. However, it is important that you maintain complete hygiene while using them and during your cycle rides.


2. Carry sanitary towels and pads in your bag.

While cycling during periods, you need to carry sanitary towels and pads in your bag. You should also make sure that you carry some extra bags, sanitizers, medicines and some routine medicines or pain relievers which will help you in getting through the frequent discomfort and uneasiness. Although sanitary towels and pads provide you with safety and security, they are still not the most hygienic options to choose. If you wish to maintain complete hygiene, then tampons should always be your first choice.


3. Contraceptive pills may reduce or stop monthly bleeding.

One way of managing your periods while cycling is to avoid them at that time. There are some contraceptive pills which allow you to control when your period happens by having them after intervals. The pill can also lighten the blood flow and lessen the symptoms like reducing the heaviness of the blood. The implant or mini pill can also stop bleeding altogether. But, these pills can also have some side effects and may not be suitable for everyone. So before popping such pills, you must always consult a gynecologist and take the prescribed medicines.


4. Use menstrual cups.

Reusable menstrual cups are also one of the best choices while cycling during periods. These cups are small, flexible silicone cups which collect the menstrual blood. It is shaped like a cup or bell with a stem and can be usually used for 4 to 8 hours depending on the heaviness of the flow. They can be removed,  emptied, washed and reused.  Also, they can be sterilized with boiling water every month and can last up to five years. These menstrual cups are regarded as the safest and hygienic things to use while cycling during periods, because they are long-run, very practical, and cause much less wastage. Also, they come in a variety of sizes to suit different flow.


5. Consider free bleeding.

Some might be new to this term, but it refers to use of no sanitary protection during menses. You can consider this as an option in lighter bleed days. If you wish to still make sure that you are protected, you can use minimal sanitary protection for the lighter flow days.


6. Use technology for keeping a track.

While the apps do not provide sanitary protection, still many female cyclists are now using the technology to help track their cycles and minimize the likelihood of them occurring during their rides. Such apps also remind you to be more conscious and pack some painkillers. There are a number of apps like Clue, iPeriod Tracker, Period Diary, and many more which offer a number of features, enabling you to track or predict your menses and record the symptoms. Some also offer additional features like fertility tracking and reminders to make you aware of tampon restocking.


Once you are dedicated to cycling during periods and have a  preferred method of dealing with it, you will be surely able to adapt with it. You just need to know that menses are completely normal and you need to come up with suitable ways of managing them effectively so that you need not stop cycling during periods.

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