How To Pick The Best Cycling Clothes For Your Journey

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When you’re planning on starting cycling or simply looking to upgrade your approach, there’s more to think about than just the bike itself.

While an awesome, high-quality bike is, of course, an essential, you also need to consider safety items, the food you bring, storage options and what to wear – to name just a few things!
Today, we’re going to focus on cycling attire and how you can pick the Best Cycling Clothes for your journey.

The garments every cyclist should have.

While you technically can ride a bike in any clothing you wish, your experience and performance will be greatly improved if you choose the right attire. This is mostly down to the fact cycling clothes are designed to increase your comfort as you ride, allowing you to focus more on your journey with no uncomfortable distractions.

Cycling clothes provide a better fit, as well as optimal movement – allowing you to manoeuvre freely on the bike.
They are also designed to wick away sweat away from your skin, helping you to stay dryer. Some also contain padding for additional shock absorption!
Finally, they are more breathable, helping you to stay cool even when you’re exerting yourself the most.
As for what you’ll need, here are a few items to get you started!

  1. The first thing to consider is cycling shorts – an item that’s probably one of the first to come to mind when you think of cycling clothing. These are usually made from nylon or Lycra and come in a variety of styles. The first style is tightly fitted and is designed to provide cushioning and flexibility to the cyclist. The other kind is looser shorts, designed to go over the others. Although optional, they are a great choice for anyone who prefers a more modest outfit, or even for additional warmth during the cooler months.
  2. Cycling tights are an alternative to shorts for the cooler weather. They are long – like leggings – and made of warm yet flexible materials. You can find these in padded or unpadded versions depending on your preference.
  3. As for your top half of your outfit, try a cycling jersey. This looks a little bit like a tee shirt but is specifically designed for cycling and features wicking materials to keep you dry and comfortable. Some models feature high necks and long sleeves to keep you warm in the winter – as well as protecting you from the sun in summer.
  4. In the winter, you may also add base layers to protect against the cold temperatures and the wind.
  5. Next, comes accessories – such as cycling gloves! These are designed to create a better grip on your handlebars, as well as protecting your hands from the elements. You may also consider an arm and leg warmers in cooler climates.
  6. Finally, you may add a waterproof cycling jacket. These aren’t just for the cold – they can protect against rain showers at any time of year and are available in both light and heavy versions.


So, how do I pick the best?

How To Pick The Best Cycling Clothes For Your Journey

There are several ways you can ensure you’re buying the best products for your needs!

Your first option is to stick with established, popular cycling clothing brands. These companies are a success for a reason and are trusted by – in some cases – hundreds of thousands of cyclists, creating a good representation of the quality of their products.

Next, checking out online reviews is a great way to get an idea of what each product will be like. If the reviews are positive, it’s much more likely that you’ll have a positive experience too. If they’re negative, take a look at why – and consider a different product if necessary.

Finally, you can get a cycling outfit that’s perfect for you by asking the help of the professionals who work in cycling stores. The staff will be trained to assess your needs and recommend the best possible products, so listen to their expertise and you’ll find yourself with a perfectly put together outfit for your next cycling journey.

I need to commute every day and want to travel to work by bike, can’t I just wear my work clothes?

We completely understand the need to save time in the mornings – especially when you’re rushing to get to work. That means you might not have time to change out of your cycling attire and into a crisp, clean suit!
If the weather is nice and you’re at no risk of getting rained on or splashed with mud, there’s no reason you can’t simply wear your work clothes to commute by bike – as long as you still take the necessary precautions. We recommend a helmet and cycling pads to keep you safe, no matter what you choose to wear.
Additionally, you could also add fenders to your bike – such as the Bamboobee Mandy Fenders. Fenders stop mud and grit from being sprayed upwards by your tyres, helping to protect you from dirt and keep you clean!

The same can be said for if you’re just heading out to the shop or to a local friend’s house. It’s not always necessary to get dressed up in your cycling gear – as long as you stay comfortable and safe.

And remember – don’t fall for the hype.

As long as you have the basics required to ride safely and comfortably, there’s no need to believe the marketing hype put out by many cycling clothing companies, claiming that every new style or high-tech material is an absolute essential. While these might be nice, there’s no need to use up all of your cycling budgets on a shiny new wardrobe!
To learn more about the Bamboobee lifestyle and everything you need to know about cycling, check out the rest of our blogs here at Also, feel free to take a look at our shop to find the ideal bike and accessories for your next journey – no matter what you choose to wear.

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