26 Tips To Stay Safe Through A Cycle Tour

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Cycling is a spectacular way to stay fit in a fun way. It is also one of the best ways to commute from place to place. However, safety and security should always remain at the forefront.

For this, follow these 26 cycling safety tips!


1. Always wear a helmet. 

How To Stay Safe & Secure On A Cycle Tour

Although a helmet cannot give you a 100 percent guarantee for safety, still it will surely give you a significant amount of security than going bare-headed. If you feel that wearing a helmet can be harmful to your fashion, then you can look for helmets with trendy designs.  


2. Wear bright dresses.

Dress in bright colors and with reflective clothing especially when you are riding early in the morning and late at night or on cloudy days.  


3. Use sunscreen.

Remember that you should wear sunscreen especially on the back of your neck. Plus long sleeves dress with breathable fabric is a perfect guard against the sun. 


4. Know the weather forecast. 

If you do not want to get stuck in the rains, then check the forecast before you plan a cycling tour. Also, wear waterproof gear as needed. You might even carry a small backpack to hold lightweight extra layers and other essentials for every ride.


5. Install rear view mirrors on your handlebars or helmet. 

You need to learn to take a look over your shoulder without swerving, the mirrors will help you to see what is behind you to avoid accidents. 


6. Be alert. 

While riding a bicycle, you always have to be alert about your surroundings. You should never ride with headphones or earpieces. You need to hear everything which you possibly can.


7. Ride with a friend. 

Having a friend to travel with is fantastic as your buddy may help you to fetch any help if necessary. Two cyclists will be more visible than one. Plus, if something happens to you, your buddy may be able to facilitate the emergency response process.


8. Be creative about your route. 

While cycling, it is essential that you are going steady yet faster. For this, you should choose the roads that are extremely wide and have dedicated bike lanes. Opt for quiet streets over high-traffic ones. Avoid riding on weekends as there are a lot of drunken drivers.


9. Carry a patch kit at all times. 

You should learn to patch a flat tire by yourself in order to prevent yourself from being stranded in an unsafe or remote location.


10. Carry a mobile and ID. 

If you do not have a patch kit and need a ride, then your cell phone will come in handy. So in case of an emergency,  your ID will help the emergency responders to know about your location and how to help you.


11. Carry some cash.

Cash is an excellent resort for catching a cab or bus back home in case of an emergency occurrence.  


12. Carry drinking water. 

Carry enough water to avoid dehydration and energy loss during long rides. 


13. Know the bike safety rules for your state. 

Get yourself educated and know the riding rules in your state or the state in which you are riding. 


14. Use the signal which drivers understand. 

Signal a left turn or lane change by extending the left arm out to the left side of your body; signal a right turn by holding the right arm out to the right side of your body.


15. Never ride against the traffic.

How To Stay Safe & Secure On A Cycle Tour

Riding against the traffic makes it virtually impossible for you to make a right turn. Bicyclists are 3.6 times more likely to get in an accident while riding on the left side of the road. This likelihood doubles for cyclists of age 17 and young as the drivers are entering the road from a driveway rarely look for oncoming traffic.


16. Keep at least one hand, or both, on the handlebars. 

This will help you in maintaining better balance and letting you respond faster in case of emergency.


17. Use body language and make noise. 

While riding, if you find yourself in danger then try waving an arm, yelling, or ringing a bell to get a driver’s attention. Do not rely only on eye contact. 


18. Always be ready to cooperate.  

Drivers should learn to share the road. If you cannot make them do it, then what you can do is to go slow enough so that you can stop or give the right of way at this moment’s notice.


19. Use front and rear lights. 

This point helps you in staying visible. It is also necessary as it is a part of the law in most places.


20. Follow lane directions. 

Avoid riding straight and taking a right turn only lane. You should follow the lane directions and ride straight through a right-turn-only lane.


21. Give yourself some breaks.

If you are on a long ride, then avoid riding continuously for long while. Take mid-time breaks and relax your muscles. This will also help you to regain all the necessary energy.


22. Change the lane when necessary. 

If the road is narrow and cars cannot ride then safely pass on the left, you should take the path or just turn off to use a different street instead.


23. Never, pass on the right. 

If you have a car ahead of you then do not glide past on the right side. The driver may not see you, and if she or he turns right, the car will crash on you causing an accident.


24. Be vigilant at the intersections. 

When arriving at a stop, hang left in the lane so that the drivers behind and in front of you can clearly see you. If you are at the front of the line when the light turns green, then watch for red-light-runners before moving forward.


25. Cross the railroad tracks in the“right” way. 

Train tracks often are placed diagonally across a street instead of placing straight across. So remember to slow down and angle your bike so that it is exactly perpendicular to the tracks when you cross them. If you don’t, you will lose control over the path of your bike.


26. Stay away from loose gravel, ice, sand, puddles, and other road hazards.

Slow down whenever you see loose gravel, ice, and puddles or street hazards. Simple, yet very important.


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