Looking For A New Business Venture? Consider A Bamboobee Franchise!

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When making an investment in the world of business, entrepreneurs and investors will have a lot of different options to choose from. This will include a variety of business models, covering everything from funding a startup to buying out an entire business!

If you’re looking for something in between for your new business venture, franchising may have been one of the paths you’ve been considering. Read on to learn more about what franchising is and how you could become an official dealer of Bamboobee products!


What is a Franchise?

Owning a franchise is having the right to use a larger firm’s business model, brand and products to sell the goods and services as a third party.

Although the franchise will own their own store and/or premises, they will be part of an expansion of the original business as a result of their licensing relationship.

At Bamboobee, we are seeking entrepreneurs to open franchises in their home cities, allow us to expand Bamboobee across the globe.


Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for franchisees who believe in the beauty of nature and want to make a difference through their business. You’ll also need to understand the spirit of retail and be true ambassadors of the Bamboobee brand. This means you’ll have to have a firm grasp on our product range and have a passion for all things cycling and sustainable – as well as the benefits of bamboo!

Ideally, you’ll already love what we offer, and be excited to spread the word to others too.


As for your location, we are looking for franchisees in, New York, Bangkok and London specifically – and here’s why!

  • San Francisco has a growing cycling culture and known for being a vibrant, hip location with residents who are always open to trying something new. There’s also a growing demand for environmentally friendly, sustainable products – making Bamboobee an excellent business model to fit in with the local community.
  • New York is known for its bustling commutes, heavy traffic and crowded subway, so many city workers are taking the chance to cycle into work. As the trend has developed, locals can even rent a city bike for their journey. But having your own is always a better bet, so why not offer NYC residents the chance to try Bamboobee, and make a green statement in the process?
  • Bangkok has always been a popular location for cyclists, with the city even offering bike tours of some of its most famous sights. This makes it a great market for bike sales – especially ones that stand out the way ours do.
  • London is another major city with a focus on commuters getting to work by bike, and you’ll find similar rent a bike schemes to those in NYC. London is also a great entry point for Bamboobee to approach Europe for the first time.


Here’s Why You Should Start a Bamboobee Franchise

If you’ve been looking at starting a Franchise and live in one of the cities outlined above, Bamboobee is a great choice to consider. Not only will it provide you with a unique business opportunity, but it will also stand out for its way of life – the Bamboobee lifestyle. As a business, we are open to new ideas and welcome those who are willing to do things unconventionally.

This is your chance to become involved with a growing business that can really make a difference while promoting our products.

So far, we’ve had 1336 happy customers, 1335+ estimated sales, 2 design awards and a catalog of over 50 available products, making us a reliable, hardworking and successful venture to get on board with.


Ready to get started on your path to a Bamboobee Franchise?

With all of this in mind, it may have inspired you to think more about how Bamboobee could be the ideal step for your next business venture – as well as filling a gap for such a great product in your local area.

If you’re seriously considering opening a Bamboobee Franchise and would like to learn more, head on over to bamboobee.net/franchise where you’ll find the link to our Google Docs form. The form is your gateway to exploring business opportunities with Bamboobee. After submitting, we will soon be in touch to discuss the options available to you and the ways we could work to bring Bamboobee to your corner of the planet.

You’ll need to include your name, date of birth, citizenship, marital status, sex, contact number, email address, mailing address and the country or city you are looking to set up your franchise within – as well as a description of why you would like to become a Bamboobee franchise.

Once you’ve included all of the relevant information, simply submit it and we’ll contact you in the very near future.

 We hope to hear from potential Bamboobee Franchise owners soon, so don’t hesitate to fill out the form and get the process started! Together, we can encourage more people to adopt the Bamboobee way of life.

If you’re not yet sure whether Bamboobee is the right business for you to become involved with as a Franchisee, take a further look around our website to learn more about our ethos, our products and what we can do. And as always, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at all!

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