Looking for Pre-Made Bikes? Here are the Must Have Models by Bamboobee

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One of the most popular products at Bamboobee is our Build Your Own Bike Kit – and it’s easy to understand why. Many people love the idea of building a bike that’s customised to their needs, as well as taking on a new and exciting project.

But that doesn’t mean we should overlook the rest of the range here at Bamboobee. Did you know we also offer pre-made bikes?

If you don’t have the time to (or interest in) building your own bike, we have several bikes that will allow you to enjoy the Bamboobee lifestyle and have your own bamboo bicycle simply by hitting the checkout button – no extra work necessary. Here are some of our models that you’re sure to love!


The Phoenix Sonata

The Phoenix Sonata Bamboobee Bamboo Bike

The Phoenix Sonata is a bike inspired by rhythm, encouraging you to get in touch with the motion and feel of your surroundings. It’s the perfect choice for those long summer bike rides, exploring your neighbourhood and cycling to new places.

This bike is based on the design philosophy of one of the original Bamboobee bicycle concepts – the Phoenix series.

It’s also great technologically, featuring a Sturmey Archier Duomatic 2 gear, framework using honeywax infused technology, Bamboo Skin Lam Tec Aluminium rims and eye-catching Diamond Silver joints for a cool, contrasting look.

From the Website: “Celebrating the summer season and bath under the hot sun as you cycling with style. Admire the surrounding’s rhythm.”

Price: $1,499.00

Suggested Accessories: The Phoenix Sonata makes a strong statement by itself. However, you’re free to switch up its look with our variety of add-ons including the Classic Leather range. If you like the look of the bike the way it is, consider some of our more practical accessories to keep it looking great, such as the Bamboobee Crack Filler, specifically for filling in the cracks of the bamboo frame.


The Ladies Mi Bamboo Bike

Ladies Mi Bamboo Bike BamboobeeIf you’re looking for a ladies bike that still fits in with the look and feel of our Bamboobee product range, the Ladies Mi Bamboo Bike is the right choice for you. It features a classic riser handle and is made with honey wax infused technology, while its bamboo framework is enhanced with Virtue White joints.

This bike is the ideal way to get active on a bike while still keeping a style in mind. It features a Shimano Single gear and aluminium rims. For an additional top-up (starting at $99), this bike can also feature upgraded gears – specifically the Nexus 3 ($99) or Shimano 7 Speed ($199).

It is also the lightest bike we offer at Bamboobee, weighing just 11kg.

 From the Website: “Ladies Mi Bamboo Bike is a ladies bicycle that allows all ages to relax and enjoy the city for all activities.”

 Price: $799.00

Suggested Accessories: The Ladies Mi Bamboo Bike is a stylish choice, so add some classic flair to it by adding pieces from our Classic Leather range. You’ll find Classic Leather Grips, Saddle Bags and even a Saddle to complete the look and give your bike a vintage edge.


The Nostalgic Bike

Nostalgic Bike


Enjoy a blast from the past with the Nostalgic Bike by Bamboobee – a perfect example of a modern take on tradition. Made from bamboo and featuring honey wax infused technology, this bike combines contemporary design with a traditional, vintage look that any old school bike lover will appreciate.

But it’s not all just looks. The Nostalgic bike features Shimano Nexus 3 gears and Bamboo Skin Lam Tec Aluminium Rims, making it ideal for the road or trail too.

From the Website: “Own a transportation design that is truly revolutionary. History speaks of visionary men who changed the world. Our turn to make history has come. Be part of the revolution.”

Price: $1,499.00

Suggested Accessories: If you’re a big fan of the vintage look of our Nostalgic Bike, we’d bet you’ll love our range of classic accessories. Try the classic wooden crate for a look that really captures the styles and trends of the past – as well as being practical for you in today’s modern age too.


Which one will you pick?

Any of these models would be an excellent choice for anyone seeking a high-quality bamboo bicycle, so feel free to take a closer look at the specs of each one and see which one suits your needs. You’re bound to love whichever you choose, as well as being a part of the Bamboobee culture.


Looking for something more customised?

If you’ve got a very specific type of bike in mind, you may find that none of our pre-made bikes is the right choice for you, but there’s no need to worry – you can still enjoy having a bamboo bicycle by purchasing our Build it Yourself Bike Kit, or its upgraded version – the BIY 2.0.

With these kits, you’ll get all the parts you need to put together an awesome bamboo bike frame, ready to turn into the customised bike you’ve always wanted, to your exact specifications.


After putting together the frame, you can add on the Build It Yourself Bicycle Parts kit, which contains everything you need to turn it from ‘just a frame’ into a fully functional bamboo bicycle and start living the Bamboobee life.

We look forward to seeing you in our online store – we’re sure you’ll love whatever you choose!

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