Summer Project? 8 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own Bike This Summer

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As the summer begins, you probably will get some time for exploring your hobbies and going out, smiling in the sunshine. Not just kids, adults also love the spring and summer time because the seasons bring in a new and refreshing vibe along! One of the activities that everyone looks forward to is going to adventurous sports or games- your summer project, we are talking about!

So instead of doing something else, why not build your own bike itself? Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Build your own bike, is possible? Well, of course, it is! With Bamboobee’s BIY kits, anyone can build their own bike easily and show off their new and flawless designs every day. Building your own bike is also very convenient because you can modify the bike as per your requirements.

Here are ten reasons why building your own bike is the big thing this summer!


1. You can create the combination you have always wanted.

When you build your own bike, you have no limitations and can choose any combination you want to. So if you are looking for a frame and wheelset which is not available in the standard bicycle designs, no problem! You can make these yourself and fit them on your brand-new bike.

It does not matter if you prefer aesthetically pleasing bike appearances or want to go for a comfortable shape and size, building your own bike through our BIY kits will cater to all your wishes.


2. You will be involved in an exciting activity and can proudly show off your newly made cycle.

With the sun shining brightly, every day will look welcoming and warm to step out of the home and do something exciting. This is the perfect time when you will want to build your own bike. The fresh air will make it impossible for you to sit inside your house.

So go out in your garden and get started with the building process. Remember to sip on some iced tea to keep yourself hydrated in the sun. Once you’ve built the bike, go cycling in your neighborhood and show off your newly discovered skills to your friends!


3. It is an extremely cost friendly way to have a unique, customized vehicle for yourself.

If you want a designer to customize a bike for you, it probably will cost you a significant amount of money. However, if you build your own bike, you will have a self-customized, unique and extremely comfortable bicycle that nobody else will have!

So you can remember the summer of 18’ and make your own little song for the year you built a whole bike! Take pride in the exclusivity.


4. You will get to learn something new and also spend family time together.

Summertime is for the family! When you want to build your own bike, you can take help of your family members and involve everyone in this exciting activity. As you get together, everyone will learn something new and build the bike and get along helping each other to create a new vehicle member for the house!

This is always a plus point because it builds up knowledge and an adventurous spirit for the season among everyone.


5. A whole lot of options available will spoil you while the process will teach you to DIY things in the future.

When you begin to build your own bike, you will be spoilt with the number of options for each part available to you. Custom frames and top range wheels, you will get to explore an entirely new world.

And the process of building the bike will also teach you to do your own things rather than depending on readymade items. This is a significant activity because you will look at the waste material in an entirely different way and make the best out of it. This will also help you to contribute to the environment by producing less waste in the house.


6. It is fun and motivational at the same time.

If the thought of building your own bike excites you, this activity is definitely going to motivate you for other things in life as well. You will be able to put in all your creativity into making a unique cycle for yourself.

It is also a fun activity because it excites you while putting your body and mind to work to bring out the creative side in you. So get on this mechanical project this summer!


7. You may even make new friends.

When you build your own bike, it becomes an amusement in the neighborhood when you go out for rides. So you can easily join groups that already go out for cycling rides to different places and make new friends. You can share your experience of how you made your cycle and learn new biking tricks form them.

If your summer project can help you socialize more, why wouldn’t you make a bike for yourself! 


8. This is a summer gift you have given to yourself and will last for years!

When you build your own bike, especially which is made of bamboo, it is going to last you many years at a stretch. This is something which will be useful to you at all times. In fact, it is a useful, non-polluting vehicle for all your family members, no matter what their age is.


So this summer, build your own bike and make the most of it. It is clearly a worthwhile experience and will help you further in life. Check out our BIY Kits from Bamboobee and order one today!

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