Sweaty Bikers Are Tired Of Being Mocked – Science Has Their Back

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Sweating is often associated with being dirty and body odor. But you see, it’s normal for bikers to sweat. It’s something that you can’t prevent. After a long biking adventure around the area, you get tired and out of breath and you become sweaty. It is just how the human body works.

And contrary to everyone believing that sweating is related to having nasty body odor or not showering often enough, sweating actually has a lot of health benefits that help regulate the body for it to be able to move and function properly without any health complications.

And now, to give you reasons why sweaty bikers shouldn’t be mocked or laughed at, backed up by science.


Sweat glands help heal wounds

Yeah, that’s right. Although that probably made you wince or question everything you know about life, sweat glands do help heal wounds.

According to a study done by researcher Laure Rittie from the University of Michigan, there are millions of eccrine sweat glands found all over the human body and these sweat glands host an important reservoir for adult stem cells which aid in the processing of healing wounds.

“By identifying a key process of wound closure, we can examine drug therapies with a new target in mind: sweat glands, which are very under-studied. We’re hoping that this would stimulate research in a promising new direction,” Rittie shares.

(Read the full article here: http://labblog.uofmhealth.org/lab-report/healing-function-of-sweat-glands-declines-age)

And with this amazing discovery of sweat glands being able to heal wounds, it would open up a new pathway towards researches of wound healing and closure.

In a way, this also benefits our sweaty bikers as it would help their wounds or scratches that they get from biking or other extreme activities to health much faster than normal. So if someone ever makes fun of you sweating after a bike, tell to them, “My wounds heal faster than yours!”


Sweating helps release toxins from the body

Like any other forms of secretion by the human body, like urinating or excreting that helps release waste materials, sweating works the same way by releasing toxins out of the human body. In a way, it is replenishing the human body out of toxic materials in the form of sweat.

Here are some toxic materials that sweating helps to eliminate or wash off from the body, according to MindBodyGreen:

1. Phthalates that are present in plastic, cooking utensils, nail polish, cosmetic and paint. Researchers from Canada have found out that the amount of these chemicals are twice as high in sweat than other bodily secretions like urine.

2. BPA or Bisphenol A is the material used to make plastics, electronics, water pipes and glass lenses. Prolonged exposure to this compound causes obesity, early puberty, sexual dysfunction, and miscarriage. The same Canadian researchers had also found out and concluded that the best way to excrete this material is through sweating.

3. Heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium lead, and mercury and carcinogens are toxic in every way imaginable to the human body. These heavy metals can harm vital organs like the lungs, kidney, heart and the brain and may also affect the immunological systems. These heavy metals can enter the human body through sources like water, food, dental amalgams, cigarettes, and industrial emissions.

Various studies have found out that these heavy metals are a lot more concentrated to sweat than blood.

(Read the full article here: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-15166/why-sweating-is-the-best-way-to-get-rid-of-toxins.html)

As bikers, and sweating every time you bike, it would help the body release to release these toxic chemicals and prevent any health complications like diseases or these heavy chemical polluting your internal systems.

So if someone comes and laughs at you for sweating tell them, “My body is cleaner than yours!”


Sweating is an antibiotic

No need to buy expensive antibacterial ointments or expensive antibacterial drugs anymore! You can help kill all bad bacteria from your body by sweating. It’s free and easy!

According to a study by ian international team of Scientists, whenever we sweat, there are antibiotics that come from our sweat glands called dermicidin, an efficient tool that helps fight tuberculosis and other dangerous bugs and bacteria.

If we get small cuts, scratches or wounds, the sweat and the antibiotic dermicidin that comes with it helps spread over and kill the bacteria to prevent any more nasty things from happening.

Natural antibiotics like these efficiently kill bacteria better than traditional commercially-bought antibiotics because germs and bacteria do not easily develop resistance against these kinds of antibiotic.

With this discovery, it opens a new horizon towards the creation of other antibacterial drugs against multiple-resistant strains of bacteria that develop annually.

(Read full article here: https://phys.org/news/2013-02-scientists-unveil-secrets-important-natural.html#jCp)

Aside from this, as bikers and being able to sweat profusely after a long bike around the city, you have a natural antibiotic swarming on your skin, spreading and killing invaders. So if someone mocks you for sweating tell them, “My body doesn’t have germs like yours!”


Sweating wins against kidney stones

To flush the body out of kidney stones, one must avoid fat, too much salty food and junk foods which make up the “unhealthy list.” People with kidney stones are also advised to exercise regularly and drink lots of liquids to help replenish and clean the body out of toxins.

It is not a direct effect but with regular exercise comes sweating, and being able to sweat demands the body to drink more liquids to replace the loss liquid to avoid dehydration. This keeps the kidneys flushed of any harmful substances by regularly sweating and drinking off those toxic materials.

Scientific researchers had proven this link found with sweating and getting rid of those kidney stones.

(Read the full article here: http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/health/sweat-health-benefits/?page=7)

Don’t mind those people mocking you and laughing at you for sweating after biking. Because sweating brings many health benefits to the body that helps avoid any extreme medical complications like developing diseases like having kidney stones or tuberculosis.

In fact, being mocked at is not a valid reason for you to quit biking because it brings many good things to you, and the planet. Happy biking!

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