Want To Ride Faster? Here’s How To Build Up Your Speed

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As a cyclist, you probably already have a variety of different goals in mind that you’d like to work towards as you build up your ability. For some, it wants to increase their distance and travel further afield. For others, it’s about speed – to ride faster and get into the racing spirit.

If you’re looking to increase your speed when cycling, here’s how you can get started on improvement.


Consider your overall fitness.

Firstly, what is your fitness level like? One of the best ways to improve your speed and ability for cycling is to improve your fitness level overall. You can do this by riding your bike as much as possible, as well as taking part in other exercises.

For getting in as much bike riding time as you can, consider cycling to work, joining a cycling group, cycling to meet friends instead of taking your car, or even simply riding for fun.


Keep it up by cross training.

As for other exercises, it’s important to cross train. This means working out other areas of the body and muscles that don’t get used as much through bike riding. Essentially, you’re ensuring that all of your body gets a healthy workout in order to keep it balanced.

Try swimming, running or yoga, for example, to see an all-around improvement.


Build your core strength and flexibility.

If you build up your inner core strength and flexibility, you’ll be able to improve your breathing techniques and prevent your muscles from becoming tense as quickly. This combined with your general fitness will be a great help when trying to go faster.


Give yourself a chance to recover after each session.

If you’re pushing yourself hard as you try to meet new goals, you’ll need to give your body a chance to recover properly after each ride. Your body’s muscles need to rebuild after a workout and will need the fuel to do so. Recovery should include plenty of rest, hydration, and possibly consuming a protein bar or shake to give your body the energy it needs.


Fit new wheels on to your bike.

You may not have realized this, but the wheels you have on your bike can have an impact on your ride – just like the wheels and tires of a car will affect the way it drives.

Look for carbon-based wheels that are designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic, helping you to push through the atmosphere in front of you at higher speeds.

You may be surprised to see that having these new wheels attached will significantly improve your times without doing anything else at all!


Get to know some hardcore cyclists.

Whether you join a new cycling group or simply make friends with some serious bike lovers, socializing within the cycling community is a great way to push yourself a little further.

These cyclists will likely be able to go a lot farther and faster than your current cycling buddies can, and they’ll be full of valuable advice as they help encourage you on your own journey of improvement.


Eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Making sure you get the right nutrition is essential when looking to improve your fitness and cycling skills, so do some research on the best foods for your training program.

Although you may be tempted to eat whatever you’d like seeing as you’ll burn it off anyway, it’s still better to choose healthy, balanced options that will provide your body with the right fuel for the journey.


Consider how you’re positioning yourself on your bike.

The way you are positioned on the bike can have a significant effect on how fast you go. Having a strong core, as we’ve described above, will also enable you to lean forward with a flat back as you pedal. By riding in this position, you’ll become more aerodynamic – which will allow you to move faster.


Set goals for each cycling session.

Set goals for each cycling session

Don’t set the bar too high right away. Instead, set smaller goals to work towards each session. Not only will you be able to keep track of your improvements, but you’ll also feel proud of your efforts as you complete each one, giving you, even more, motivation to continue.

These goals don’t have to be too difficult – just enough to show that you’re improving each time.


Consider hiring a coach to help you.

If you still feel as if you don’t know how to improve but know that you’re willing to go the extra mile, consider using a coaching service to help you along the way.

A professional coach will be able to assess your current situation and give you the best advice. In most cases, they’ll even create a completely personalized training for you to follow and will monitor your progress to ensure you’re on the right track.

Consider a coach to be a little like a personal trainer you’d find at the gym – only for cycling instead!


Providing you put in the hard work and take note of the tips above, you should soon begin to notice a difference in how fast you can cycle.

Build up slowly and celebrate every goal – there’s no rush to be the fastest! We hope you’ll have a great time getting to where you want to be, especially if you’re practicing on one of our bamboo bicycles.

If not, why not check out our online store and find your ideal bike for hitting those new records?

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