Why Creating A Meaningful After-Bike Self-Care Routine Will Make You Feel Better

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Why do we need night routines, anyway? Why do we need to even have morning routines? What’s so important about having cycles you do daily? Why is it even important to spend more than 30 minutes in the bathroom when it’s not for pooping? What’s more? What’s important about having a self-care routine after biking? And how will it make you feel better?

These questions are probably flying around your head right now after reading that title. And you are probably confused as heck of why you need an after-bike self-care routine. And you are probably wondering how it makes you feel better. Don’t worry!! Because those questions and confusions will be answered once you have read this article until the end.

Here are the reasons why having a self-care routine after every bike around town helps in making you feel better physically, emotionally and mentally.


You will feel replenished after biking

You know what it feels like when you’re dirty, sweating and just over-all icky? That you can’t even lie down and rest in your bed because you feel dirty even if you are deadbeat? Yeah, you probably know what does icky and dirty feeling is like as a fellow cyclist. Sometimes, it is possible to ignore the feeling of sweat trickling down our skin but there are times that it becomes unbearable for us.

The main reason why a self-care routine after an intense bike is important because it will help replenish, clean and make you feel fresh after cycling. It will help clean off your pores from any dirt and from any excess sweat because every after-bike self-care routine usually consists of a long-time bath or shower.

Aside from this, it will also help clean the hair from any unwanted dirt or sebum release that you got into your hair during the intense bike.

Getting rid of excess sweat will prevent body odor from developing and will help to avoid the occurrence and emergence of skin rashes, as quoted off by Holly L. Phillips, M.D., a women’s health physician and contributor to CBS News in New York City.

(Read full article here: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/shower-after-workout)

So if you want to avoid breaking out from acne or having weird rashes and patches all over your skin, it is crucial to take a shower after an intense bike or even if you are not biking, just exerting too much effort and power in generals like doing exercises or yoga.


It is a reminder to take care of yourself

As a regular biker, then, it is very likely for you to easily become too overly passionate about biking. To the point that you are addicted to it, that you cannot live a day without biking, that biking has become so natural to you like breathing. Having stated these tendencies, there are many signs and “by-products”, if you will, that comes to falling down that darker path of loving cycling.

You may forget about your other commitments, your priorities may be rearranged, you no longer will have time to spend with your family. And having said all these, it is not impossible for you to fall down a dark hole of forgetting how to take care of yourself.

Above all, above taking care of your bike, your cycling gear, and your cycling shoes, you also need to take care of yourself. You should not forget that you are human and you need to recall that you need to eat, you need to get proper amounts of sleep, you need to take care of your skin, etc, etc.

And having a cycle, a routine that you have to do daily will constantly remind you that you are human and it is important to be able to take care of yourself.

As said by the website Life Hacker, self-care is not a reward. It is not a break after a day-long cycling trip. But rather, it is part of the process, it is a means to attain your goal. Think about it, if you are training for a competition, these little “breaks” or self-care routines every after an intense bike will help you rest and easily get back on track while staying focused.

(Read full article here: http://lifehacker.com/self-care-isn-t-a-reward-it-s-part-of-the-process-1685349203)


Taking care of your emotional health

We had already discussed physical health as the first reason why having an after-bike self-care routine is important. We brush and floss, we take baths to take care of our physical hygiene. But what do we do every day that helps us take care of our emotional hygiene? We relax, we meditate, we think. Those are what we do to keep our sanity in check and so that we will not fall down into deep pits of anxiety or depression.

A self-care routine does not only concern things to be done in the bathroom. But they also concern things to be done on other places, such as a yoga mat, your bed or even a nice garden that will help bring oxygen flowing to your brains so that you can easily think and re-evaluate yourself.

This will especially help you with avoiding depression, substance abuse or suicidal thoughts especially when you are in the rock bottom of your life, these self-care routines will help you every day.

Those were the three, major, most important reasons why a cyclist like you should have a regular self-care routine. It will not only help in your physical health but also to your emotional and mental health. So, bikers, be sure to have these routines and be sure to be able to follow a strict schedule. It will be tough during the first few weeks of implementing it, but with proper self-discipline and perseverance, you will get used to it and it will be easy just like one, two, three.

So next time you go on an intense bike up a mountain, or around town, make sure to plan a self-care routine that you will do right after that bike when you get home. It is important to start now than put off work later. See ya later, bikers!!

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