Why Everyone Loves Bamboo Bicycles And Why You Should Too

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In the 21st century, we are slowly moving back in time. These days, the two most important factors that are being talked about across the world are- Health and Pollution. In every part of the globe, people are making efforts towards improving health and reducing pollution.

Did you know? In a recent survey of 2017, air pollution remains the single largest environmental health hazard in Europe. It is causing a lower quality of life and illness, resulting in an estimated 467,000 premature deaths per year.  One of the major causes of air pollution is vehicular pollution. The smoke emission is very harmful. Motor vehicles’ pollution results in a two-stage problem- primary pollutants and secondary pollutants. Petrol-powered vehicles include carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, benzene, particulate matter, and lead, which produce primary pollutants. Diesel engines burn fuel and produce little carbon monoxide, but produce large quantities of carbon dioxide. Secondary pollutants are generated as a result of the use of petrol-engined vehicles.

Now talking about health, based on the latest estimates of the WHO survey in European Union countries, overweight issues affect 30-70% adults while obesity affects 10-30% of adults. In a worldwide survey of 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight. Of these over 650 million were obese.

So what’s the answer to both of these problems? The answer is bicycles. Well, the use of bicycles may not solve these problems, but it can definitely prevent an increase in pollution and health issues. Riding bicycles is no longer looked upon as a poor man’s alternative to travel. It has become an activity that helps you achieve a higher quality of life!


Benefits of cycling:

  1. Workout: Cycling leads to muscle workout due to constant peddling. It is also flexible regarding intensity. You can cycle at your own pace and make it as intense as you like
  2.  It is a fun way to get fit: Since cycling requires you to travel; you can go places while staying fit. It is one of the best ways to relax your body and mind.
  3. It is time-efficient: When you cycle daily; you work out while being on the go. This means you do not have to spend extra hours at the gym because you’ve cycled your way to work or to go to other places.
  4. It is easy: Cycling, unlike other forms of sports, is easy in comparison. It does not require high levels of physical skills and can be acquired at any age and time in life.
  5. Apart from health, cycling has a significant advantage in the environment. It does not release any harmful pollutants in the air that can cause air or for that matter, any pollution.


Why shift to a bamboo bike?

Bamboo is an ideal material for custom bicycles. It is lightweight and stiff. Bamboo has a few great properties. It is a natural fiber composite material. This is why it is made up of high strength fibers embedded in stabilizing mass. The vascular bundles of bamboo add strength to it. Thus, it offers similar rigidity as aluminum. That is why bamboo is now also used in the frame construction. Bamboo has a specific stiffness, which corresponds to about one-tenth of steel but also has only one-tenth of its density. The weight of bamboo bicycles is about seven kilograms. A wheel with steel frame itself weighs about 14 kg in comparison.


The advantages of bamboo bicycles:

  • Lightweight: The mass of bamboo is partially less than that of aluminum which makes it lighter.
  • Durable: Bamboo is made from interwoven fibers. It is incredibly durable and sturdy. Also, when you add an epoxy sealant to prevent any cracking, it becomes exponentially stronger. Bamboo doesn’t stress like metal. Over time, metal frames can emphasize from slight bending, but bamboo remains steadfast. Defects can be fixed very quickly, and corrosion protection is not required.
  • Flexibility: All frames offer some amount of flexibility, with the carbon fiber leading the list. A flexible structure allows better shock absorption. It means it does not have to rely on the front or rear suspension. Road bikes generally do not have the option of suspension, so the shock absorption has to depend on the frame.

 Bamboo naturally has relatively good flex, while still offering the required amount of stability. In fact, in many cases, it could be more flexible than carbon fiber, depending on the bike. Whichever way, the frame absorbs plenty of shock on its own, which leads to a remarkable smoother ride when correlated to other frameworks.

  • Sustainability: Unlike trees, bamboo has a rapid growth rate. It is also found all over the world. It is easy to harvest and grow, and it replenishes itself at a quick pace. Bamboo is gaining popularity in some industries like furniture, flooring, etc. When you purchase items made from bamboo, you can assure yourself that it is virtually an unlimited source that can be replaced when harvested responsibly. It has a small carbon footprint and produces far less CO2 when being manufactured than metals.
  • One more benefit of bamboo is the capacity to choose any part of the tapered, void stalk, to accommodate a rider’s preference and size: heavier rider, broader piece of the bamboo; lighter rider, narrower part.

Thus, it is time you look and work according to the future that will bring a brighter lifestyle and standard of living. If you need any help regarding bamboo cycles, you can get in touch with us. You can even check our workshops to get a better idea of building your own bikes. If you want ready-made bicycles, go through our Shop to find the most efficient and tailor-made bamboo bicycles.

A bamboo bike is an exciting lifestyle element if you are looking for something individual, unique and of superior quality. Happy Cycling!

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