Wondering Why You Should Build Your Own Bike When You Can Buy One?

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We’re putting this question out there – which one is better? DIY your own bike or buy one, instead? There are already pre-made, high-quality, up to standard, machine-made bicycles out there. Why is there even a need for you to build your own one? Or do you think building your own bicycle frame will be cheaper and will look much better? We’ll prove you otherwise, instead.

In this article, we will highlight the many positive reasons, advantages, and benefits that you will get when you buy your own bike instead of making it.


You are no professional

We’ll start out by stating the obvious. You are no professional. In fact, even I am not a certified bike hand-maker. There’s no need for you to learn how to build a bike because there are already people who specialize in this field, who spent years mastering this art.

No matter how confident you are, no matter how much help you’ve got from the internet, no matter how many articles you have read, no matter how many DIY videos you’ve watched on Youtube, this will still be your first time building your own bike.

In fact, we all know how first times usually go. Terrible. Inconsistent. There would also be a lot of things that you will be disappointed about. A lot of things that you want to redo. A lot of things that you want to change.

With this, you are just wasting your time, energy and resources. Especially with the first few steps in the process of building your own bicycle frame. Because during this process, you are still getting used to the concept of how to build a bike and you are still grasping this idea quite poorly.

And although you do reach the stage wherein you’ve got your head wrapped around the idea of building your own bicycle frame, you would still need much technical knowledge in order to make your bike fully functional and ride-able.

And you would also need to first test your finish product before actually using it on a track. Not unless you want to risk your life with the possibility of the knobs turning, bolts unscrewing, of the tyres exploding or of the whole bicycle frame disassembling.


Buying your own is cheaper

The second is a reason is that buying your own is a lot cheaper than making your own bicycle frame.

There is a forum on Reddit about bikers sharing their own personal experience with building a bike and buying them. A majority of these Reddit users shared that buying a bike is definitely a lot cheaper than making your own one.

(Read the full forum here: https://www.reddit.com/r/cycling/comments/2zj1wi/is_it_cheaper_to_buy_a_complete_bike_or_build/)

You would need to buy special tools, special parts, a lot of components for this bike. And if you don’t own any tools or any other materials that you need beforehand, it would get extremely expensive.

Those were the reasons why buying a bike is definitely much better than making your own one. But this is in no means, to discourage you into crafting your own bike and prohibiting you from expressing your love with biking through art. You are free to make your own, just make sure to run safety precautions than everything else.

“You will stimulate the economy. You will learn by experience and unless you are very, very good, very, very experienced, or very, very lucky, you’ll guess wrong and buy some stuff twice. And if you are very, very experienced, you’re well past the point of asking if this is a good idea.” Kent, a fellow bike enthusiast shares on his blog.


(Read full article here: http://kentsbike.blogspot.com/2012/10/bike-talk-build-vs-buy.html)

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