10 Pieces Of Bike Gear You Need To Get Started With Cycling

You’ve probably seen lots of cyclists in your area enjoying cycling for fun, on their daily commute to work or school, or just to get around for free and without having a harmful effect on the environment.

This may have sparked your interest and led you to consider starting up cycling as a hobby or transportation method yourself, but you may have wondered what exactly you’ll need to get the ball rolling.

To save you the time spent on research, we’ve rounded up a comprehensive list of ten pieces of bike gear you’ll need to get started with cycling. You’ll soon be all set up and ready to go!


1. The Bike

It may go without saying, but in order to start cycling, you’re going to need a bike! You can get a bike from your local bike store, online, or even by purchasing a build your own bike kit and putting it together yourself.

When choosing a bike, you’ll need to consider its size, body style, accessories and whether it’s appropriate for your intended use. For example, if one person is biking up mountains and another is simply commuting to work, the two will require very different bikes.


2. Lights

If other people on the road can’t see you, you’re putting yourself in danger. That’s why having lights on your bike for riding at night is an essential part of cycling preparation.

While reflectors will do in a pinch, you’ll find real lights far more effective. These can be purchased at bike stores or online and can be battery powered or rechargeable via USB.

Just like lights on a car, they’ll be bright enough to alert other road users of your presence and keep you safe during your journey.


3. A Good Bike Lock

Unless you’re planning on being on your bike the entire time you’re out and about, consider buying a bike lock. This is especially true if you tend to stop at a cafe or store and leave your bike outside – anyone could simply take it and ride away.

Bike locks are easy to find at bike stores, hardware stores and online, so choose a good reliable one to ensure your bike is protected. And remember to keep your keys safe too!


4. Tools – or a Multitool

Bikes can go wrong at the worst of times, but by carrying the correct tools, you’ll know you’re covered in an emergency.

Obviously carrying around a multitude of tools is less than convenient, so consider purchasing a multi-tool to keep with you on your journeys. A multi-tool is a single item with a variety of functions – consider it the ‘Swiss army knife’ of cycling.


5. A Fender

A fender will prevent you from being splashed with mud during your journey and is easy to fit your bike. Why not try one of our Mandy fenders from Backed by a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Mandy fender is both stylish and practical – influenced by the Bamboobee lifestyle.

Just like our bikes, it’s made from bamboo in our trademark style and is resistant to all weather conditions as well as being super lightweight.


6. GPS (or a Map)

Exploring by bike is a lot of fun, but it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and find yourself a little lost.

By using a Sat Nav device, GPS enabled smart watch or even a location-enabled app on your smartphone; you’ll be able to find your way home no matter where you end up.

The downside to technology is that it can run out of battery power, or even be broken. So be sure to pack a small map in your cycling bag just in case you need it in an emergency.


7. A Tyre Pump

Getting a flat tyre is frustrating – but even more so if you find yourself without a pump. Pumps don’t weigh a lot, nor do they take up much space, so it’s easy to carry one with you in your cycling bag. By having it on hand, you’ll be able to pump up your bike and enjoy a smoother ride on your way home.


8. A Patch Repair Kit

If there’s a significant tear in your bike tyre, you’ll need more than just a pump. And while in many cases a new tyre would be best, sometimes that’s not possible until you’re back at home or closer to a bike shop.

A patch repair kit will be able to smooth over the damaged tyre and prevent it from becoming flat. Kits are small, affordable and easy to carry, so there’s no reason not to keep one with you when cycling.


9. Protective Apparel

When cycling, safety should be your absolute top concern. That’s why having the right kind of protective clothing and accessories is vital.

This may include a high visibility jacket, shoulder pads, knee pads and a strong helmet to ensure you’re better protected in the event of an accident.

In the past, you may have worried that staying safe with protective apparel could ruin your ‘look’, but that’s definitely no longer the case. Now, you can buy plenty of cool biking apparel, right down to shiny and stylish helmets and slim fit, low profile protective pads that are barely noticeable.


10. A Saddle Bag or Crate

With your shopping list complete, you’ll have everything you need to get out on the road with your brand new bike – with bonus points if you built it yourself!


If you’re looking to get started, take a look at the build your own bike kits and cycling accessories we have available at and check out the rest of our blog to learn more about cycling and the Bamboobee lifestyle.

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