Top Picks from the Bamboobee Store: The Accessories You Need Now

If you’ve recently put together a Build Your Own Bike Kit from Bamboobee, you’re probably having so much fun enjoying your new, fully customised bamboo bike. We hope you love it as much as we do!

But even though it’s complete, you may have wondered whether there are any awesome accessories that you could add to your bamboo bike to make it even better.

If so – you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up some of the top picks from the Bamboobee store to give you an idea of which accessories you can purchase and how they can improve your biking experience. Welcome to the Bamboobee lifestyle!


Build It Yourself Bicycle Parts

How far into your bike building journey are you? If you’ve only built the frame so far, the first accessory you should be purchasing is the Bamboobee Build It Yourself Bicycle Parts set. This set includes everything you need to turn your bike frame into a fully functional bike (with the exclusion of rims and tires).

The Build It Yourself Bicycle Parts set includes:

  • Headset: 34mm Aluminium Headset
  • Stem: 25.4 X 60 mm Aluminium Headset
  • Spacer: 04x Aluminium Spacer
  • Brake Level: Dia Compe Aluminium Brake Level 61-79 mm
  • 2 m for front and 2 m for rear brake Brake Cable and Brake Cable Guide
  • Handlebar Grip: Black Color Synthetic Leather Handlebar Grip
  • Handlebar: 25.4 X 58mm Aluminium bar
  • Fork: 700C silver alu fork
  • Seat post: 25.4 (O.D) X 300 mm & Seatpost collar: 28.6 mm
  • Saddle: Black Colour Synthetic Leather Retro Saddle
  • Bottom bracket: 68X113mm VP Bottom Bracket, LEFT & RIGHT THDS
  • Crank: 42T X 170cm
  • Chain: KMC Silver Chain
  • Pedal: VP Retro City Bike Pedal
  • 02 X Rim Protector


Bamboobee Crack Filler

Bamboobee Crack Filler

Bamboo is strong and will never break – however it is naturally prone to cracking. This is essentially a tension relief for the bamboo. Once it’s cracked, it won’t crack again. But it’s understandable that you’d want to repair these cracks on your bike, so give our Bamboobee Crack Filler a try.

Simply mix up the solution of bamboo dust and epoxy resin. You can then directly apply it to the crack, filling it as needed. Once you’re done, all you need to do is sand it down, and the bamboo will look as good as new.


Classic Wooden Crate

Bamboobee Classic Wooden Crate

Anyone who regularly carries things on their bike – whether it’s their work essentials, school books or even a picnic for a day out, a crate is a perfect way to get that retro, classic style.

The Bamboobee Classic Wooden Crate gives off that old fashioned look while remaining stylish and new.

It even has a twist – it can hold your coffee cup too, making it great for your morning commutes!


Classic Leather Saddle Bag

If you’d rather have a saddle bag than a crate, this Classic Leather Saddle Bag should be on your list. It’s the perfect accessory for anyone looking to add some fashion-forward style to their bike and give off a look that’s classic yet unique – and useful at the same time!


Quick Release Classic Leather Saddle Bag

An alternative to the Classic Leather Saddle Bag is the Quick Release Classic Leather Saddle Bag – so what’s the difference?

The Quick Release Classic Leather Saddle Bag is similar. However, it’s smaller in shape and size. This one comes in black rather than tan and provides sophisticated functionality.


Classic Leather Saddle

Although the Built It Yourself Bicycle Parts set comes with a saddle included, you may be looking for an upgrade. If that’s the case, consider out Classic Leather Saddle – providing the final elegant touch for your bike. Not only is it stylish, but it’s also durable too, and gives off the classic and sophisticated look you’ll love.


Classic Leather Grips

Our final option for those who like the classic leather look (and want to create a cohesive classic look for their bike), is the set of Classic Leather Grips. They’ll ensure you have a better grip on your bamboo bike while also adding plenty of classic styles.


Electric Bike Kit

Bamboobee Electric Bike Kit

If you like the idea of an electric bike but are happy with your current bamboo bicycle, why not turn it into an electric model?

The Electric Bike Kit is a top up an option for the BIY Bike Frame kit and lets you turn your bike (or any bike, in fact) into a fully working electric bicycle.

The aluminium housing contains a battery and is easy to attach to your bike. Just take it out to recharge!


The Mandy Fender

The Bamboobee Mandy Fender can be easily fitted to your bike and is the best fender to keep you clean during your journey. It’s easy to install, functional and tough and is made from bamboo – just like your bike.

It’s also the most versatile bike fender ever designed, making it something truly special to add to your bicycle.


Whether you just want one or two of these accessories or want to treat yourself to all of them, the Bamboobee online store will be ready and wait whenever you decide to make a purchase. These items are all sold with you and your Bamboobee bike in mind, so you’ll know you’re making the perfect choice for your own personal needs.

To learn more about Bamboobee bikes or to look for even more inspiration, check out the rest of our blog here at! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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