10 Safety Tips for Rural and Suburban Road Cycling

We all know that cycling is the best means to be fit and healthy in a harsh and busy atmosphere. It’s all rewarding and fun to go cycling for enjoyment on a nice day or for fitness, but sharing the same lane with other vehicles cannot be a safe choice to take. You need to take some effective steps for safety while riding in the rural and suburban areas, some of which are listed below:

1. Attach a mirror to your cycle 

It can be dangerous to ride on roads where vehicles drive at high speeds and are most likely to hit your bicycle from behind. So, it’s better you keep a lookout for them and be safe while riding the cycle. It is recommended to attach mirrors on your helmet or handlebars so that you can see the movement behind you. These are inexpensive, they come in all sizes and can be easily purchased from all cycle stores. So, its best you get some so that you can ride your bicycle without the fear of being hit by someone. 

2. Calculate your area limits 

While determining your riding boundary, always keep in mind your stamina and strength limits so that you can achieve effective results. It is always prudent to not push your limits and exercise good control over your functions. A sudden detour or an unexpected change can lead to detrimental impacts thus it is always best to plan accordingly and ride your bicycle on newer routes. 

3. Ride in high visibility areas 

If you ride in visible areas, then your chances of being hit by reckless motorists get diminished thus it is best to ride during broad daylight. At least that way you can easily see your route, change in case, pick up some food or even sit to rest without any inconvenience. It is recommended to be at a safe distance from blind corners and also wear highly visible clothing. It is a must to wear bright colors like orange or yellow so that drivers can spot you while driving. Go for lightweight bright clothes to meet the best conditions on the road. 

4. Watch out for the oncoming traffic 

It is very essential to keep an eye on the traffic while riding the bicycle because it is erratic and can change within seconds. Always keep an eye on rash motorbikes because they are ones who always bump into cycle riders when overtaking other vehicles. While changing lanes, always keep an alert eye on the other vehicles.  

5. Understand the routes

Once you know your routes by heart nothing can cause hindrance during the ride. It is best to plan your routes along with the knowledge of traffic on the road. If you are planning to take a new route, then it is recommended to map it early and write down the directions to be better equipped. 

6. Claim your cycling lane 

Make your presence on the road by mostly claiming the left side of the lane so that you can be within the eyesights of the drivers. It is best to be slow on roads with heavy traffic and maintain a single path so that you don’t get rammed into by any vehicle.  

7. Obey the traffic rules 

Obeying traffic rules while riding the cycle should always be a priority for you in order to be safe while cycling. Stop at all red signals and also follow the speed limits so that you can get into danger later. Make sure that you don’t ride on the sidewalks or crosswalks because that is equally wrong. 

8. Always be extra prepared 

Barriers can occur at any point of time without any notice and can be extremely dangerous to you while riding. So, it’s best to plan your route prior and also carry extra fluids, food items, and first-aid kit and all other essential items to be safe. 

9. Use your cycle equipment properly 

Never be too cool to avoid your safety equipment and be a hero on the lanes. Always wear your helmet and other essentials while riding. Get mirrors and lights fixed on them as they are cheaper options and the best means to get secured while riding.  

10. Watch out for the weather forecast before leaving  

You are sure to get stuck while riding if it starts raining which ultimately leads to slippery roads and reduced visibility. In order to be safe, it is best to check the weather forecast before leaving the house to ride your cycle. 

So, folks, that’s what we want you to understand before you go for the best adventure of your life. In case you are in exploration of more tips or even better if you are in search of the perfect bike to start cycling, connect with us at Bamboo Bee, where we offer an innovative kind of Bamboo bicycle which is cost-effective and offers a fun and learning experience to its users.

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