10 Tips to Make Your Bike Great Again

It is a cyclist’s dream to be able to get a new bike every season. Nothing ups your game like a new bike. But not all of us are lucky enough to be able to buy a new bike now and then. We have to work with our old ones and making regular changes to it is an effective method of making yourself believe that you have a new bike indeed.  Regular fixes and replacement also increase the life of your bike. 

Here are 10 tips to make your bike great again:

1. Wheels

What is a bike without wheels? Make sure to change your wheels at regular intervals to avoid dangerous accidents and skids. Lighter, shallow aluminum rims can speed up your ride. You can try using tubeless tech if you are thinking of buying new wheels.

 2. Saddle

The saddle is typically what catches your eye. You can change your saddle if you are thinking about your comfort as well.  With regular usage, the saddle gets a little flat and isn’t as comfortable as it was. Change your saddle and go in for some cool designs too.

 3. Tool set

As a biker, you need your own tool set. A handy set that you can use on the go. Going to a service guy every time your bike needs some repair can be quite a hassle. Get yourself a cool, handy tool set to up your cycling game.

 4. Frame

It can happen that you just want a frame even if your current one is perfect and that’s okay. Before rushing into getting a frame, double check the measurements. Make sure you correct any problems with your current frame. Get the size and go pick a sleek, cool new frame of your choice!

5. Groupset

Changing your group set can totally transform the way your bike looks. If your wheels and frame are in good condition, changing your groupset is a great way of breathing life into your old bike.

6. Brake blocks

The condition of your brake pad depends on your riding and it is advisable to keep it well oiled. Make sure to get it checked and oiled regularly to avoid any accidents and go in for a replacement whenever you need to.

7. Bar Tape

Replacing your bar tape is an efficient way to make yourself feel like you got a new bike. You can also go for a colored tape depending on the look of your bike. Neon tapes are in trend now and bar tapes are something that you replace often without it affecting the performance of the bike.


8. Cassette & Chain

A well- cleaned well- oiled chain and cassette will last for a few good thousand miles. If you want to save money and increase efficiency, make sure you keep your chain clean and lubricated. If it is completely worn out, you should go in for a replacement to avoid injury.

9. Cables

Cables tend to get worn out with rain and dust. They dry up with time as well. Go in for a cable replacement and that will give you the feel of a new bike as well. 

10. Bars & Stem

Replacing this is a neat way to trick yourself. As with most cycling upgrades, spending more an upgrade will most likely come with an increase in stiffness and weight reduction. A stem replacement is a great opportunity to make up for any faults with the previous one. 


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