14 Amazing Cycling Accessories You Must Have

Buying your first cycle can often be difficult because there are a lot of choices and one generally ends up in confusion.

So if you are up to making your first bike purchase, then we are here to guide you through and explain which cycling accessories you need to make your rides safer and more comfortable!


1. Cycling Helmet

Though some riders may hesitate using a cycling helmet, still it is recommended that you need to regularly use a cycling helmet for safety. Before you buy a cycling helmet; you must remember your key requirements like a good fit,  breathability, and lightweight construction to choose a comfortable one.

Generally, you should choose a helmet which comes with softer, lighter straps and add-ons like MIPS inner shell to protect against brain injury. There are a number of options to choose from.


2. Bike Lock

Bike theft is an unfortunate part of cycling. Nobody wants their bicycle stolen. To avoid this, you need a good bike lock which can help you in protecting your bike. You will get bike locks in types like Bronze, Silver or Gold. There are various styles of locks and each one comes with its pros and cons. However, the Hiplok D-Lock is a popular option, which comes with a handy hook and it also can be attached to belt or trousers. This also saves you from adding weight to the backpack or a bike.


3. Bike Lights

If you are a professional cyclist, then you would know that it is a legal requirement that you have a white front light and red rear light to your bike while cycling in the dark. It is a pretty good idea to be seen on the road. Lights ‘to be seen’ can be from about 100 lumens. They are designed to increase your visibility to other road users, while the lights ‘for seeing’ show you the road on the dark country lanes, and can be 500 lumens and above. You can also have some lights above 1000 lumens.

Most lights come with a variety of modes and also higher lumen versions for use on lit roads. The rear lights can be anything from around 30 lumens. Majority lights can be charged through a USB but it is wise to have a cheap battery-operated back-up pair.


4. Cycling Pedals

There are a number of different styles and manufacturers which you can choose from. If you choose clipless pedals, then you might need a little bit of practice, but once you’ve mastered the skill, then it is well worth as they enable you to have a more efficient pedal stroke.


5. Multi-tool

While purchasing a multi-tool, you must look for the one with 2-8mm Allen key bolts, which is small to fit in your pocket with ease. Useful additions on a multi-tool include chain tools and Torx keys. 


6. Air- Pump

Bike tires no matter how high-quality they are, don’t stay inflated forever. So you will need an air pump to pump your tires up from time to time, to make sure that the tire pressure stays at a safe level which will help you prevent punctures.

At home, you can use a track pump to do this once a week or so. While buying an air pump, remember that the smaller and lighter the pump, the less it will irritate you in your back pocket.


7. Cycling Shorts

Buying cycling shorts is a great idea to ensure complete comfort. The chamois will protect you from the saddle discomfort and the quick-drying fabric will avoid trouble due to sweat. You choose waist shorts or bib shorts for extra comfort. If you hate the discomfort due to lycra shorts, then you can also get padded boxer shorts.


8. Waterproof Jacket

If you are traveling in autumn or spring, then you do not have to worry about this, but if there is a possibility of drizzles on the way, then you might need to wear a waterproof jacket. Features to look out in a waterproof jacket are taped seams, venting for breathability, sleeves, and collar designed in a way to fit close and keep the rain out. 


 9. Luxury Bike Accessories

Some luxury accessories like a cycling computer are not mandatory, but it is nice if you have some of them. You can choose some like a smartwatch, speed tracker and so on. Along with that, you can also get some accessories like a cycle basket fixed to your bike in order to increase convenience while riding. 


10. Cycling Themed Mugs

This too is not a mandatory one! But this will make you feel amazing and motivated about cycling like never before. You can get a ready coffee mug, or else get a customised one to go with your passion. You will love the china mugs at Target Velo but you will find a lot of choice in the market. 


11. Cycling Bell

Forget the typical bells and get a smart battery-powered bell for your cycle. You can get a range of products from various brands which you can choose according to your preferences. But never keep your bike without a bell!


12. Saddle Cover

No one wants to come back to a wet and chilly saddle, so you must buy a waterproof saddle protector covers. You can get a new one which looks cool and stylish. 


13. Bike Balls

Bike balls are instruments which combine lighting with a statement which certainly gets drivers attention and makes sure that the rider is visible even on unlit roads.


14. A personalised Cap

Do you wish to create a style statement while cycling? Then here is the way for you. You can buy a personalised cap and wear it everytime you go out for special rides or biking tournaments. This is a nice way of making your own distinct imprint. 


While looking at all these amazing accessories, why not look at some amazing and innovative bikes too? Bamboobee bikes are a unique innovation. They are made up of bamboo and come with a unique design. It is a bike designed for passionate riders and caters to all the needs of avid cyclists. You also have an option of customizing your bamboo bicycle by building it on your own. Bamboobee offers a BIY kit with all the premium quality spare parts and a guide which helps in building your bike on yourself.  

So now that you have the list of accessories, don’t wait, ride awayyyyyyyyy!


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