Do you enjoy the cold winds while riding along snow filled roads? Well, we understand your passion for bicycling in the winters. One might wonder how it is different from your summer rides. The essential difference is that during winters it is advised to go prepared, and we are here to give you tips to face the icy winter:

1. Your cycling posture

You are probably using a different specialized bike for your journey which you don’t otherwise use. In such situations you must get accustomed to your new ride before you develop unwanted back aches and strains. Marking your previous position can help you adapt sooner.   

2. Proper mudguard

Specially if you are going around town with your mates, you definitely do not wish to come back caked with layers of slush all over. That leaves you with getting better mud guards for your bike. By adding a few flaps and a large guard can help you avoid quite a messy affair for you and your mates. For bikes that do not come with the feature, can go for other substitutes for blocking the mud.

3. Lubrication

Be it any bike, making sure it is mechanically sound is crucial to your ride. Winters are not the month you can be less bothered about the friction between surfaces in mutual contact. Lube reduces the friction, ensuring a smooth functioning of the mechanics. So, so not forget to lube your chains and other parts of your bike.

4. Puncture free

Well, winter and autumn turn out be the most puncture prone months of the year. The debris and twigs lying on the roads fallen off of some tree can seriously cause you discomfort. Therefore, you must get puncture free tyres so that you don’t spend your gala time fixing a broken tyre. 

5. Polishing and grooming

Opposed to popular opinion, bikes require proper grooming and cleaning for it to perform to its full efficiency. Applying wax on your freshly washed bike can help with the process. Once, the wax has been put out for a few minutes, you can polish it off embedding a protective layer of wax over your bike to ward off dust and dirt. 

6. Reflective and lights

Modern bikes come with the additional feature of being truly visible all throughout the day. You may not travel at night, but it is vital to tape your bike with reflective tapes so that on the ongoing traffic can place you. Having reflective tapes, lights and bright clothes can make you prominent on roads for your safety. 

7. Protect your body

This goes without saying too much. If you’re out for a bicycle ride in the cold winds, you must be well-equipped for it. Make sure you have enough layers of wool to protect your chest and body. 

8. Cover your front

A nice cozy jacket is a wardrobe essential for winters, preferably water and wind proof. Against those strong winds, you jacket is going to be your shield in war. 

9. Leg wear

Even though your legs will be constantly moving, they are the most exposed to the extreme weather. Cycling shorts or tights can be a great way to tackle the winter winds. It is better to go for thermal or water repellent ones as to defend you against the chills.

10. Hand gear and gloves

Your fingers tend to freeze while long rides in the cold leading to various rashes and stiffness. Therefore, ensure warm gloves that can ease your ride.

11. Warm inner

Beneath all those layers of heat lies your base wear that serves as the last batch of protection. Thus, gear up a good base layer to keep you sweat resistant as well. 

12. Headgear

Go for a top quality thermal helmet to protect your head from numbness and brain freezing. 

13. Footwear and protection

It is during a winter ride that you don’t want cold feet. Well, quite literally. There are a wide range of over shoes to ensure that your feet stay dry and warm. 

14. Choose your winter ride

While your everyday bike rests in your garage, get your winter bikes out to fully experience the joy of bike rides. 

15. Powerful wheels- winter sustainable

If not a whole new bike, you can opt for winter wheels to enable your favorite bike to be your trip partner. Hard and puncture resistant bike are an absolute must. 

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