18 Useful Energy Drinks For Cyclists

Today’s market offers many different options of energy drinks which are worth considering. A sports drink is usually a drink which offers energy and hydration.

The minerals contents in hydration drinks help you hydrated quickly, and they also contain carbohydrates and soluble sugars to feed your muscles amd balance blood sugar levels.

If you are wondering which can be the best electrolyte drink for cycling, then take a look at our bunch below. Most of these drinks are a mixture of both, vital sugars and carbs and also minerals and electrolytes. 


1. High 5 Energy Source 4:1 Super Carbs 

This is an all-inclusive sports drink full of carbs, protein, and essential minerals. You need to add the powder to water and carry that with you for a ride.


2. Torq Natural Energy Drink

With no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, it is a natural-tasting energy drink enriched with five different electrolytes, to replace vital minerals which get lost during sweating.


3. PowerBar Isoactive Isotonic Sports Drink 

With this drink, you will stay well hydrated and refreshed with the PowerBar. It contains a mixture of carbohydrates and minerals to raise the absorption of water during rigorous exercise.


4.  Elivar Endure 

Elivar Endure gives you muscle-supporting protein, energy-and releases vitamins and vital minerals which are necessary for all athletes.


5. Nuun Active Hydration Tabs 

These electrolyte tablets give optimal hydration, whether during cycling or a long weekend ride. It’s minimal in calories (only 6 per tab) and comes in 10 different and exotic flavors.


6. OTE Sports Powdered Energy Drink Box

This drink is very gentle on the stomach, and is also gluten-free, so suitable for vegans.


7. SIS GO Performance Energy Drink

If you need to refuel fast, then this will do the trick. You can also use it before you go out to load the carbs. The SIS drink also offers a popular GO Hydration option, which delivers both energy and electrolytes.


8.  Osmo Active Hydration 

The Osmo motto is a drink specially made for women. The brand has developed an energy drink especially for the tailored needs of women.


9. Zipvit Sport Elite 

This is a nutritional drink which forbids fatigue, cramping, and upset stomach. It is ideal for all ages of cycling enthusiasts.


10. 5-Hour Energy

This is an energy drink which is available in most countries. Though it is tiny in size, it has an ability to give you a great amount of energy. You can take a sip of this drink as it also helps in improving alertness and concentration during rides.


11. Speed Shot Intensity

This concentrated energy supplement comes in small sizes. This is packed with a huge variety for robust performance ingredients blended together to give a blast of energy and can be used before any type of workout.


12. Ripped Hardcore Liquid

This is an energy drink which was started in Europe and is ideal for bodybuilders. This drink contains a large amount of caffeine which is enough to stimulate energy. It is also highly recommended to not have more than one energy drink per day. Ripped Hardcore Liquid is available in many flavors and is also one of the top energy drinks.


13. Wired X344

This is also one of the highest caffeinated beverages in the world and also one of the strongest energy drinks. This drink contains about 344mg of caffeine with many other energy inducing ingredients. It is a perfect recipe to get your day pumped up.


14. Rage Inferno Energy Drink

The Rage Inferno Energy Drink is an iconic and powerful drink that makes a person automatically energized. Not everyone will find the taste good but it helps a lot of people to fire up a lot of energy. It has a plethora of healthy ingredients, around 375 mg of good stuff incla uding large amount of caffeine.


15. Spike Hardcore

It’s one of the strongest energy drinks in the world which is designed to offer a great amount of energy. It is a blend of stimulants and contains almost 350mg of caffeine in each can.


16. Monster

This drink has made its debut in the market back in the year 2002. It is a popular energy drink, is affordable and has a very delicious taste as compared to other energy drinks. This has about 160mg of caffeine per can. Due to its success, the Monster drink produces about two dozen varieties of drinks and it is one of the most popular energy drinks.


17. Rockstar Zero Carb Energy Drink

This drink was launched in the year 2001, and has turned out to be one of the most unique and versatile drinks in the world. Rockstar comes in a total of 16-ounce cans and in many different flavors which will keep you guessing. A can of 280 calories Rockstar is designed to suit dieters with zero sugar. Though this drink is a bit expensive, still it is worth it and makes a very healthy energy drink.


18. Water

Nothing can replace water! So carry lots of it while going on a ride!



If you found a few useful drinks in this list, let us know in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to share your questions and suggestions too!

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