3 Useful Tips for Safer Night Cycling

Cycling should mostly be done during the daytime but sometimes its fine to ride at night if it’s convenient. Fortunately, you can easily get out on your two-wheelers with a few major bike safety accessories and some useful tips in mind to keep up warm, visible and safe, whether you’re out for a joyful ride or just commuting for some errands. Riding at night, if done carefully, could be a bit dangerous but it’s fine you are alert. 

Your bike could be completely lit with adequate lights and reflectors. You would be wearing lit and reflective clothes. Your helmet could have proper guiding lights on it. The possibilities are endless but always remember that you must follow adequate safety tips to make your ride at night easy and secure. There’s no doubt about it, biking at night is note worthily more dangerous than riding during the daytime. Let’s look into what you must do to make sure that your night cycling trips are fun and safe:

1. Wear reflective gear 

The most harmful mistake that most bicyclists make is often overestimating their visibility in the dark when riding the bicycle. It is prudent to always make sure that you have abundant retro reflective surfaces on the bike and clothes that are mostly of fluorescent color when cycling during night time. It is best to use some reflective tape on your protective gear like rims, seat, helmet, wheels, pedals, bike frame, and clothes. Use those LED projector lamps only if there is a requirement, otherwise, they may blind the driver on the opposite side and create an obstruction for you. 

It is best to always indicate to the motorists on the road that you’re on your cycle and they must accordingly slow down. When headlights hit the reflective tape, it lights up and indicates the drivers that you’re on the route. It is also advisable to go for flashing tail lights that can be clipped onto your bicycle, along with headlights and reflective helmets. 

2. Plan your riding route 

Always prefer to ride your bicycle on known routes during the night time so that at least you can track down your residence if you get lost. Paths with gravel and open potholes are dangerous hindrances that you may face when riding your bicycle for the first time at night. Try your best to stay alert on the night ride as the lack of daylight leaves less area for error. 

But if you’re adventures and desire to take a new route, then it would be best to first undertake some research. Understand if there’s a separate bike lane or not or if it is adequately lit for cycling or not. Always be aware of the blind corners, tricky intersections or huge potholes before beginning your ride at the new path. 

3. Make sure you’re using a fully functioning bike 

During the night time, it is always an inconvenient situation to get stuck in if your cycle breaks down during the ride. It can dangerous to get a flat tire in a rough area. Thus, decrease the chances of breaking down by taking precautionary care of your bicycle. Never forget to inspect the brakes, chains, and tires before going on an adventure at night. Always make sure that you keep your mobile phone on you when riding alone in the dark. Always be absolutely sure about your bike because even a small change in the operation of the bike may make your heart skip a beat. 

Night riding can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to it, but since something is very special about this peaceful night time bike adventure, everyone must experience it occasionally. If you keep yourself alert while following the above-mentioned steps, you’ll easily be able to securely enjoy the night beauty of night time riding. Keep these points in mind and in no time, you’ll be riding your cycle easily at night. Never let the lack of sunlight demotivate your desires. 

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