8 Things To Do Around the World Before You Reach Your 30s

Like many other people, reaching the 30th birthday is considered a milestone in life. This is simply because the 30th birthday is widely considered the time of settling down and having a family. From time to time, the spirit of adventure is often detonated from cuddling with the cats as well as building a strong bond with every member of the family. However, before putting away the backpack, you should at least ensure that you tick off the inventory of the best things the world has to offer.

Here, we’ll be looking through a bucket list of things you need to do around the world before you reach that climax age 30! Shall we?

1. Ride the Bicycle across a Country

One of the things you can do around the world that does not suit everyone is to ride a bicycle across a country. Of course, you have to be on top of your health before you can consider riding a bike across a large distance. However, if you feel you can do it, there is no crime in trying. With this, you’ll really love the adventure. Apart from that, you’ll garner some form of exposure and directly get in touch with the local culture. And indeed, this is an entirely different experience when it comes to making a comparison between driving a car and cycling.

2. Travel by Train across Multiple Countries.

Interestingly, traveling by train across multiple countries in the world is one of the most memorable things you can do before climaxing the age of 30. This doesn’t mean you should go from A to B, but crossing Europe by train or traveling across India by train is one of the things you can do before reaching the age of 30. With this kind of adventure, you’ll be able to closely watch other countries and even taste the diversity of each of the regions you are crossing.

3. Volunteer Abroad

You probably may not know this. Traveling for tourism is excellent and extremely rewarding. However, it’s an opportunity to see the other side of the world as well. For instance, there are some regions in the world where citizens are wallowing in abject poverty. You can volunteer and render a helping hand for one month. With this, you’ll be able to learn and value what it takes to offer a helping hand. Remember, as a volunteer, you are one of those who work assiduously to change the world. You’ll learn to take cognizance of most of the things you presently take for granted. And yes, you’ll also learn the value of smiling at all times.

4. Enjoy Kayaking

This could be a bit stupid. Yeah. It’s very stupid. And its also one of the activities that boost your adrenaline levels. For instance, you can take kayaking to another level in South Africa. You can as well go down the stream kayaking through waters that are filled with countless hippos, crocodiles, and a host of other nasty creatures which could snack on you easily.

5. Visit all the Seven Continents of the World.

Every country of the world has its own unique adventures and features to offer. However, there is no how you’ll see them all if you’ve not visited all the seven continents. You do not need to limit yourself to Europe or Australia. Spread your wings and explore other continents across the world. This could be challenging, but the rewards are worth much more than the efforts and risks combined.

6. Ride a Large Animal- Not a Horse

You couldn’t find anything more amazing than visiting the jungle while sitting on the back of a giant elephant. Of course, there are other giant animals you can ride on. For instance, it brings about a high level of awesomeness sitting on the back of the camel while sighting the pyramids. This will increase the level of connection existing between you and the animal. In fact, you tend to see how amazing it is to see a giant becoming gentle and accommodating.


7. Explore the Everest in a Hiking Trip

All hikes bring about challenges that require adequate materials such as solid pairs of shoes, a healthy body, among other things. Exploring the mountain Everest on a hiking trip will bring about a whole lot of amazing and captivating experiences that will last a lifetime. From the easy ones to the difficult ones, there are many treks to reach the dizzying heights literally. However, the height alone is not enough to cut your breathe short as the scenery is exceptionally amazing.

8. Run a Marathon

One of the things you could also do around the world before reaching the age of 30 is to run a marathon. It’s a beautiful experience even if you’ll be walking instead of jogging. It is worth the effort to see yourself reach the finish line.

Now that you know a few things to do before you turn 30, it’s time to take your bamboo bike and explore the world! Let us know in the comments how it goes!

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