Bicycle Like A Pro With These 6 Easy Tips

We all know what pedaling is all about. It’s the sole key in cycling. There are a whole lot of factors that are known to come into play while cycling, and that’s why we have prepared a list of 5 tips that will help you bicycle like a pro.

1. Play With Cadence

There’s too much research involved in the optimum cadence. Switching back to the past two decades, high cadences came into fashion, thanks to Lance Armstrong who preferred fast leg speeds. And it again came into fashion in the year 2013 when successful high cadence attack was launched by Chris Froome on Mont. Ventoux’s slope.

If you are a beginner, then you should avoid pushing cadences too high as it can certainly prove to be harmful. You should prefer to keep cadence that you can manage. However, you should simply increase the cadence as time passes. A cadence between 90 & 100 RPM is perfect if you are looking to do it comfortably. Increase the target over time, and you will improve your capacity to go out for cycling for a long period of time.

2. Set Your Bike Up Correctly

If you want to do it comfortably, then you should set up your bike according to your preferences. This will get you up and going in some time. Do what comforts you, and you will improve yourself over time. In order to properly enable the functioning of your muscles, you need to set up your bike correctly. If you go for a ride and aren’t quite able to adjust yourself and are experiencing right-left imbalance, then the reason behind it might be improper set-up.

3. Single Leg Drills: Keep Practicing

The perfect technique to mastering cycling is learning how to apply equal pressure from both your legs. It’s considered to be important as they both need to be equally strong. You need to perform single-leg drills in order to power up each of your leg such that you are comfortably able to apply an equal amount of power to both of your legs. Don’t focus and think about left and right at once. Don’t think of them as separate. Think of them as they are one. Focus on them alternatively and create a perfect balance. Once you become skilled, it will become much easier for you to focus on both of them at the same time.

4. Even Power Distribution

You should learn how to apply equal power through both your legs individually. Aim for a 50% power from each of the legs. It will have a huge impact on your efficiency. And this will, in turn, lead to an increase in bike speed and power. And if you want to master this skill, then you should start going cycling to mountains. According to some experts, “If you are a mountain biker, then you will in time, master the skill of perfect power distribution over time.” Cycling over the mountains is no joke. Mountain bikers require to evenly apply power with both their legs in order to get to the top. And that’s not something easy. It needs a lot of focus and dedication. So, if you are simply looking to master this technique for yourself, it’s time for you to consider going cycling to mountains.

5. Work On Your Core

Do you know what will help you maintain the perfect riding posture? That would be strong as well as the stable core. The activities that you perform in the gym should be applied and transferrable to cycling. Activities like single-leg squats as well as split squats are what we are talking about. If you are a cyclist, you should learn to master how to hold a plank as well as perform press-ups and do bodyweight squats. You should consider your bike saddle to be bar stool that you can simply perch on, rather than an armchair that you can slump in.

6. Pull Pedals In Semicircles

If you want to become an awesome biker, it’s time you learn that you should pull pedals in a semi-circular motion. The most important aspect considered of pedaling is pulling backward at the bottom of the pedal stroke. You should switch from a push-down motion to a pull-back movement as soon as the pedal moves down towards the bottom. You can think it like two semicircles that are pushing down and then pulling back. A left semicircle that’s followed by a right semicircle. In time, you will learn how to master this technique.

So now that you know how to bicycle like a pro, it’s time to get on your bamboo bike and get riding! The world is big and waiting for you to explore it!
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