How to Beat the Summer Heat While Bike Commuting

Let’s face the truth, it’s the hot season again. The heat wave is set to evolve, and this is indeed great news if you like the summer season. However, it is not ideal for your cycling lifestyle. Riding in the hot sun may be farther from appealing than venturing out in a grim winter season. Interestingly, it comes with a whole lot of challenges as your body tends to deal with the high summer temperatures.

Firstly, you need to be aware that you’ll sweat too much regardless of how much preparation you’ve made to beat the summer. It’s an unavoidable thing.

Here, we’ve been able to put together a few simple tips to help you maneuver the common pitfalls as you ride during the hot weather. With these few tips, you’ll be able to beat the summer heat while commuting.

Stay Hydrated

One of the most significant obstacle when it comes to bike commuting under the hot summer is the ability to maintain adequate hydration. Naturally, as your body tries to cool down itself, you’ll sweat more. You also need to know that sweat usually evaporates faster. This implies that it’s a bit challenging to determine the exact amount of body fluid you are losing.

While you ride, drink little water at intervals. Ensure that you take plenty of fluid with you while you set out for cycling and be aware of strategic routes of places where you could obtain more if you eventually run out of fluids.

Amazingly, you won’t find it difficult to measure the amount of water to consume on a hot day. Drinking about two full bottles of water during a long ride in a hot sun is pretty reasonable. The worst thing is to revert to taking some fluid whenever you feel that you are thirsty. Keep sipping until the end of the ride.

Dress For The Weather

With a vast variety of technical clothing for cycling available in the market at a whole range of prices, you really do not have any excuse for throwing-in your long-sleeved winter jersey. Lightweight clothing materials with wicking properties are functional when it comes to cooling off the heat and preventing uncomfortable build-up of sweats.

A full-length front zip could be functional in regulating your temperature while a lightweight base layer could aid quicker elimination and evaporation of sweats from your skin. While riding, the breeze you create also has its own cooling effects. Sometimes, it is when you stop the ride that you do appreciate the exact hot situation of the weather.

Keep an Eye on The Road Surface

Have you ever dealt with rain, snow, ice, and portholes during winter seasons? The hot summer brings about a whole lot of different sets of road conditions, and you need to be extremely careful. On hot days, tarmac could melt, leading to patches of slippery or sticky tar as the surfaces of the road lift off in the heat. Apart from the dangers encountered while riding on unstable surfaces, the tar could also become stuck to your tires while attracting dirt and grit.

Wear Sunscreen

While some sets of cyclists could find it exciting to cycle with their cycling tan, others find it embarrassing to appear as though they are still wearing a white T-shirt whenever the top is taken off. However, tan lines that are laughable aren’t the primary concern. The sun could lead to damage and an increased risk of cancer as a result of the exposure to excessive ultraviolet lights.

Wear sunscreen especially on the parts of your body that are always exposed, including the arms, face, legs, and back of your neck. Your position while on bike implies that the area on the front of your legs just above the knees and calves will be more exposed to the hot sun than other parts of your legs.

Ride in the Morning or Evening

Obviously, the best way to avoid the severity of the rays of the sun to avoid commuting in the hottest periods of the day for your cycling trips. In the summer months, there are plenty of daylights. So, you need to head out early or towards the end of the day. This will make you ride comfortably in the warm weather while not exposed to numerous hazards.

Riding either in the morning or evening has its own range of benefits. One of these is quieter roads. You’ll also spot some wildlife that is usually hidden away as the sun rises sufficiently.

There you have it! A few quick tips to beat the summer heat this season. So don’t be afraid, go out and make the best of your summer rides!!

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