Improving Your Triathlon Bike Split – 5 Tips for Faster Bike Times

Though racing as a sport has been somewhat tricky during these turbulent COVID times, it is a great time to focus on ourselves, work on the weaknesses, and improve our bikes’ strengths. Riding a bike is a personal activity and is extremely therapeutic for the soul as well.

Further, in times when we are supposed to social distance and not indulge in crowd activities such as racing, it is the perfect opportunity to take in the fresh air, exercise, and indulge in an outdoor sport with minimal interaction with others.

There are a few helpful tips that assist in improving bike splits. 

1. Riding with a Purpose 

One of the most important aspects is not riding a bike for its sake, but rather for some purpose and towards a defined goal. This will go a long way in making sure that the levels of motivation are maintained. Apart from an overall goal, a predetermined goal or route per session per day must also be formulated. Aspects such as intervals, topographical changes, etc. must all be included as well.

2. Reliance on Technique before the Intensity 

Before starting an intense workout, it is essential to develop a helpful strategy in the long run. This is required to make the best of your time on the bike—the position of the torso and understanding the pedal stroke matters a lot. Additionally, if the technique is incorrect and a biker has increased the intensity, it may lead to muscle tears and pose other health concerns.

3. Core Training 

If there is not enough emphasis on the position of the calve muscles or torso, inevitably, a situation of drag arises. In such a case, it becomes essential to have an uptight and strong core, which will help overcome the drag. Not just this, it can also ensure that there are sustained efforts by the biker, and the biker can sustain in the race for a much more extended period of time.

4. Activation of Muscles

Those who are either new to the biking regime or have recently bought a new bike, the correct muscles’ usage, and activating them shall prevent injuries. The muscles having a more significant surface area must be activated rather than the smaller ones. If the pressure and force exerted by the body are all via the smaller muscles, they might get overexerted and start tearing up. Consequently, this shall be very injurious to the body. Adequate care must be taken of the fact that the correct muscles, such as the glutes must be activated.

5. Buying the comfortable Bike kit 

It is not essential to buy the most expensive kit in the market. However, it is vital to have a good bike, which gives you a degree of customizability and you enjoy it.


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