10 Tips – Make Your Bike Great Again

Routinely riding your bike is a great activity to follow, we all know that. However, with time and use, bike parts get worn out, and after a lot of miles, the bike becomes a little interesting than before. It’s 2020, and you’re craving for a new bike but unfortunately, if you’re broke, then follow these below-mentioned tips to make your bike great again:

  1. Saddle 

New saddle bars always offer more comfort than the old and present ones. It is recommended to measure your sit bones to fetch the accurate saddle width because strategically positioned holes in the body of the saddle can avoid pressure build-up and long-term ache too.  

  1. Bar Tape 

This is the best means to trick yourself into thinking that you have a new road bicycle because handlebars are always in front of you as you glance down while cycling. Re-covering handlebars in a fresh layer of tape definitely offer a morale boost, it can even fool you into thinking that you just bought a new bike for yourself. 

  1. Chainset

This is the focal point when you look at the machine. A fresh and effective chain set and a new bottom bracket can brighten up your bicycle. Usually, upgrading your chain set has the power of reducing the weight and gaining stiffness. Minimize your new chain set’s wear by not letting cassettes and chains get too warm before replacing them for good. 

  1. Wheels 

Wheels are always that part of the bike which can completely transform it. Lighter wheels are an effective means for adding ‘zippiness’ to your ride. Aero wheels and a deeper section can offer speed to your flat and fast rides. Additionally, wider tires and wheels can improve the feel of the bike. These can also help in smoothening out the terrible roads and make smooth roads feel even better. 

  1. Tires 

Fresh rubber tires can always improve the feel and ride of your machine. Better quality tires can improve the handling of the bike and your confidence too. Tires with high quality and supple casing can offer a livelier ride, where most riders go for a mix of puncture resistance, performance, and feel on the road. 

  1. Chain & Cassette

Maintaining your drive smoothly and quietly is effectively contingent on the cassette and chain. As they wear out, the gear shifts feel less precise and clicking noises tend to gradually increase. Thus, a new chain and cassette will offer an instant lift to the bike’s performance and are quite easy and quick to fit. 

  1. Brake Blocks or Pads 

These are essential bike components that can with time wear out and require replacing. As these wear out, fragments of grit, dust, metal, and other debris from the road can get pressed into them causing serious damage. 

  1. Cables 

With time, cables get damaged due to filth and rain. Additionally, lubrication also gets sticky or dries out. Cables are of the cheapest upgrades which offer tactile improvement to the way the machine handles and performs. If you are replacing old cables, use the old housing as a guide for routing and length. 

  1. Go for a bike maintenance course 

If you wish to try and fix your bike on your own but aren’t sure then you can easily look up for some basic bike maintenance courses. Understanding bike maintenance courses help to save a lot of money in the future. 

  1. Group set

Getting a new group set for your bike can completely transform it for better riding. If your wheels and frame are in good condition, replacing the group setting can be an effective means of breathing new life into your old bike. If the wheels of your bike are 10 speed only, you may be required to budget for new wheels too, this is when you are required to take a step back and weigh up the choices. 

Use these tricks and tips into action so that you can use all of your energy on your bike and ride better. Connect with BambooBee to discover new bicycles made out of Bamboo that enables rides to go for a smooth ride on whatever road they desire to be on. 

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