10 Ways Cyclists Prevent Hand Numbness

Numbness while cycling can be because of a poor bicycle fir with too much forward pressure or cycling in rough conditions under consistent handlebar variations. Such disruptions in the nerves can cause muscle weakness, pain, and make you lose your grip strength. This is a common discomfort factor among cyclists especially the ones who ride long miles. 

Feet, hands, and bum are the three contact points between the body and the bike. It’s essential to be alert and take care of each of these three contact points so that you don’t feel any discomfort and can pay attention to your overall riding performance. There are numerous things you can do to relieve persistent hand numbness while cycling:

  1. Wear biking gloves 

Vibration can always apply stress on the nerves, also leading you to grip harder than you normally would. Wearing good-quality gloves with padding, specifically on the hypothenar eminence can benefit to make sure that they do not fit too stiffly as this can make things worse. 

  1. Adjust your hands

It is recommended to keep changing the position of your hands throughout the ride to avoid putting the same sustained pressure on your wrists the entire time. When you’re on a road ride, alternate between holding the drop bar, flat portion, and the hood of the bar. 

  1. Get a bike fitting 

Bike fitting makes sure that your bicycle is in a good riding condition. Suggested modifications may include changing the seat angle, raising the bar, shifting the seat backward, and lowering the seat. Such modifications can easily redistribute your weight back and away from the hands. It can also be essential to make adjustments to stem length, cleat placement, and hood placing for brakes. 

  1. Relax your elbows 

Always keep your elbows relaxed so that you can effectively absorb vibrations from the trail while riding. Relaxing your elbows will help you to engage your back and core muscles, taking additional pressure off your hands. 

  1. Get a bike tune-up

Always remember that reducing vibration while riding is a key for better results, thus, make sure that your suspension is effectively tuned and the tire pressure is accurate. There must not be too much air. 

  1. Use your core 

When you’re riding you must focus on your overall position and level of engagement in your core and back muscles. Shifting your focus towards the mechanics of your body will offer opportunities to make adjustments to relieve pressure on your hands and arms. 

  1. Get a grip

If you have a mountain bike, go for softer, thicker grips, and if you have road bikes, go for thicker tapes and bar gel on the handlebars. This way you can help release pressure points and ride effectively.   

  1. Stand Upcycling on the pedals 

By doing this, you can efficiently reduce the pressure on your hands while riding the bike. The more your hands are active, the less numb feeling they are to fetch over time. 

  1. Consult a physical therapist 

If your hand numbness is recurring, it might be a good idea to seek medical expert help. If the pain occurs anytime within the first five miles of the ride, then that’s not normal and is a sign to get it checked from the doctor.  

  1. Double Wrap Bar Tape

A double wrap pf cork tape really benefits while riding the bike. Basically, for a rider, the increased grip diameter helps the most. 

For more information on such relaxing tips for your hands, connect with BambooBee, where we are more than happy to entertain your health concerns. For the benefit of the cyclists, we have designed a Bamboo bicycle that supports a greener lifestyle and offers a fun and learning experience.

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