12 Top Tips For Summer Cycling

While the spring days are amazing for cycling, summers are equally problematic! The hot Sun and hot winds flow all day through making it difficult for you to splurge out for your bike ride. 

However, if you do not want to miss your lovely routine rides even in the summer, then go through these top tips for summer cycling.


1. Buy an appropriate jersey.

Summers are the most unpredictable seasons of all. Once you might feel like being in an oven, and then one day it may be suddenly raining with thunder. This is why you need to treat yourself with a cool short-sleeved jersey.

You can also choose a variety of jerseys for different days. One can be a manmade material jersey sewen with synthetic technical fabrics to keep you cool and sweat-free on really hot days. We also recommend a skin fit jersey which fits close to the skin and is made from a fabric which does its job better. You should also note that renowned brands like Alé, Sportful and Castelli can sometimes be quite attractive, but remember to try it on before buying it right away. 


2. Take proper skin care. 

During summers, keeping your skin safe should be your top priority. While cycling, you are likely to get exposed more to the sunlight and that too for longer periods of time which may perhaps take a toll on your skin and overall health. To avoid this, you need to drink lots of water, eat hydrating foods, use sunblock products and remain protected from harsh sun rays through jerseys and gloves. In a nutshell, you should use high protection products for your face, arms and legs and the back of your neck. 


3. Protect your eyes from harsh sun rays. 

Another important thing you need to add in your kit is your cycling sunglasses. The harsh ultraviolet rays in sunlight tend to damage sensitive cells in your eyes and make a cumulative effect which can result in cataracts, clouded vision and also more horrible eye problems.

Make sure that your sunglasses have 100% UV-filtering lenses to get the most value for your money. Also, look for a pair which has interchangeable lenses so that you can adapt the themes per your look and conditions.

Moreover, a good pair of sunnies will keep your eyes free from all the bugs, gravel and grime. They will also make you look cool and amazingly stylish!


4. Grab your gloves.

Only because the sun is out, it doesn’t mean that you cycle without gloves. You need to opt for a pair of short-fingered mitts which will give you strong grip, saving from slipping through sweat, and will protect your hands from cases of tumble too.


5. Pick a short. 

If you don’t have a pair of bib shorts now then it is time to buy one. The Bibs shorts use straps to stay up and provide extra coverage to your lower back so that the skin does not get exposed to the burning sun. With a good fit, the chamois pad can also help you to ensure that it is comfortable. 


6. Get proper recovery.

Before you go out for your ride, you should prepare your recovery drink and leave it for chilling in the fridge. You can have something like a flavored protein shake to help boost hydration and also to help in repairing the muscle tissue.


7. Keep your head cool.

Only because the roads are not covered with ice, does not mean that you should not wear a helmet. So do not dream of leaving your helmet back in your cupboard and carry it with you!


8. Keep a watch on the road.

While riding in summers, you need to be aware of the road. You should watch out for dust particles getting in your eyes and causing loss of control. Also, you must be prepared for a sudden storm or pour during the summers and carry a rain jacket along. 


9. Be prepared for the worst.

You might be an eternal optimist, but still you need to be prepared for the worst situations on the road. For this, keep the emergency kit handy and use it when you feel the need. Also, keep a list of emergency contacts in your pouch so that you can reach out to authorities when in need. 


10. Buy a summer base layer.

Buy a lightweight, polyester summer base which is a gossamer-thin and super breathable cloth which is ideal for keeping sweat away from your skin, and helping to keep you dry.

A good summer base layer can also protect you from nipple chaffing. and to work effectively.


11. Make sure you drink enough water. 

Sweat is how your body cools itself down to prevent overheating. But extra sweating can also lead to dehydration. To avoid this, aim to drink every 15 minutes or so to avoid thirst to kick in. As a thumb rule, drink about one and two bottles an hour, depending on the temperature and your exertion. 


12. Ride when it’s coolest.

The hottest part of the day is between afternoon and 15:00, when the sun is high. So, schedule your rides for either early morning or early evening when the atmosphere is relatively cooler. 

You can prefer the early morning rides as this time has many benefits like cleaner air and quieter roads. You can also choose to ride in the evening, but remember to take your lights in case you need to stay outside. 


Hope this list of summer cycling tips helps you in your rides. so be safe and enjoy the sunny days to the most!

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